ABSTRACTER: Invisible Oranges Premieres “Ashen Reign” From Impending Cinereus Incarnate LP

Invisible Oranges is now streaming “Ashen Reign,” the first single from Oakland, California blackened doom destroyers ABSTRACTER‘s impending their third album, Cinereus Incarnate.

Perhaps now assuming their ultimate and ghastliest form, ABSTRACTER returns with their most astonishingly telluric, bleak, and hopeless material to date on Cinereus Incarnate, the album recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Vastum, Autopsy, Noothgrush) in Oakland and mastered at Audiosiege in Portland by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full of Hell, Vallenfyre).

Invisible Oranges offers in part, “Especially dismal and in despair, and incessantly so, Cinereous Incarnate captures the nuance to the often-nebulous tag ‘dark.’ While this is ultimately just one angle (or vision) on darkness, as any band would be limited, ABSTRACTER offers expansive, blossoming, multi-genre underground metal which encourages airy headspaces and, if you’re so inclined, deep contemplation.”

Hear ABSTRACTER’s “Ashen Reign” via Invisible Oranges at THIS LOCATION.

Also see the Cinereus Incarnate trailer HERE.

Cinereus Incarnate is slated for release on June 8th; find preorders for the cassette and US LP through Sentient Ruin HERE, the European LP at Vendetta Records HERE, the European cassette at Tartarus Records HERE, the CD at I Voidhanger Records HERE, and watch for links to the Japanese enhanced CD featuring a cover of Amebix’s “Fear Of God” at Daymare Recordings HERE.

Watch for additional audio samples and more to be released shortly.

Moving further from their origins and experiment even more with drone, dark ambient, noise, black, and death metal, while also vastly enhancing their primordial pool of influences, on Cinereus Incarnate, ABSTRACTER unravels a blood-curdling sonic tale about a wretched world cursed to eternal twilight, where reality is torn to pieces and existence is reduced to the final stages of survival. Taking form through a deluge of suffocating distortion and dismal atmospheres that defies any categorization, the band creates a hallucinatory and apocalyptic work that oozes with an immanent and oppressive sense of defeat and of unravelling hope, summoning a soul-crushing sonic cataclysm of utter misery and despair.

ABSTRACTER‘s Cinereus Incarnate delivers an appallingly dense, layered, and oppressive production. The album features haunting dark ambient soundscapes and noise contributions by Sutekh Hexen’s visual/noise luminary Kevin Gan Yuen — who also curated the album’s grandiose and apocalyptic art – as well as dark industrial musician Only Now; an unholy alliance which has yielded a sonic behemoth unlike anything else with an annihilating and otherworldly sound.