Northern California-based progressive metal technicians ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS this week present their first video, filmed for “The Machine Within,” the opening track of their self-titled debut EP.

Shot at the infamous Maverick’s surf point in Halfmoon Bay by the band themselves, and edited by Wayne Joyner (Progpower USA graphic artist, etc.), the video for the intensely technical but laid-back track not only clearly showcases all members’ own incredible talents but does so with a modest and personal approach. Check out “The Machine Within” right here:

The diehard legion at Metal Underground are still hosting a full stream of ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS‘ debut EP RIGHT HERE as well

Obtainable through the band’s own Cynnormal Lab Recordings, Abnormal Thought Patterns has received accolades from prog and metal fans and media alike since its release in late November. Formed in 2001 by brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton (both of Zero Hour, Cynthesis) and Mike Guy (Zero Hour), the closely-knit trio recruited longtime friend and talented guitarist Richard Sharman, a student of Jasun’s for many years, completing the ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS lineup. Together the instrumental powerhouse present an incredible display of technical proficiency fusing angular riffs, intricate time signatures and intense solos, generally at a very high velocity, constantly creating highly intense and invigorating song structures. Five of the EP’s tracks were mixed by Dino Alden (Marty Friedman, Zero Hour), and the other two by Matt LaPlant (Sikth, Nonpoint), with mastering duties handled by Alan Douches (Between The Buried and Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan) and cover artwork by Erick “Wurm” Pollard.

“…Jasun Tipton and Troy Tipton are some of the best musicians in progressive music today.” – Metal Underground

“…as well as reducing all would-be musicians to tears, this obscenely talented trio also engage the listener… Stunning in more ways than one. 4.5/6” – Zero Tolerance Magazine

“…super charged progressive metal instrumentals featuring that trademark, sweeping yet technical style that these players are known for… 4/5” – Sea of Tranquility

“…a sonic maelstrom that is easily digestible and blindingly technical at the same time… one of the most raucous instrumental albums of the year. 8/10” – Blistering

“The talent of individual performance and cohesive songwriting is there in spades. 4/5” – Music Emissions

“…you can’t just stop listening to it. You’ll have to finish the seven track dose or else you’ll go through horribly horrible withdrawals! 9.5/10” – Funeral Rain

“You can’t escape the sense of new things happening on this record, of entering a territory which so far remained uncharted, and you can’t help noticing how a union of purpose and means of achieving it distinguishes real musicians from businessmen. 8/10” – Hardrock Haven

“…a crazy 20-minute face melting technical shred-a-thon and by far the best work out of all 3 members of the band.” – The Inarguable

“I have never heard a bass guitar played so fast of so clearly in my life… 4/5” – MusikReviews