AARA: En Ergô Einai Full-Length From Swiss Atmospheric Black Metal Duo Out Now And Streaming Via Debemur Morti Productions

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En Ergô Einai, the gripping new full-length from Swiss atmospheric black metal duo AARA is out TODAY via Debemur Morti Productions.

With En Ergô Einai, AARA presents a landmark of thoughtful, unorthodox black metal. Drawing inspiration from the Age of Enlightenment in eighteenth century Europe, En Ergô Einai serves as a tribute to the duality in man’s pursuit of perfection and the futility found therein. Like strokes of inspiration, exquisite guitar melodies weave a fluent plethora of moods and emotions, showcasing a heavy classical influence. Undulant blast beats and biting screams serve as a counterpoint to pristine atmospheres and ethereal choirs, an obstinate reminder of the finite nature of man and his creations.

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En Ergô Einai, which includes a guest appearance by Blut Aus Nord’s Vindsval, was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Chäuer Studios Bärn with cover art by Michael Handt, and artwork design by Naturmacht Studios. The record will be released on April 3rd in digipack CD, digital, and limited-edition vinyl formats. Find ordering options below.

North America: https://debemurmorti.aisamerch.com/band/aara
Europe: https://www.debemur-morti.com/en/419-aara-shop
Bandcamp: https://aara.bandcamp.com/album/en-ergo-einai

AARA‘s music feels celebratory and devastating at the same time as this band looks back at a time when ambition was high, and efforts sometimes had to go down in flames in the name of progression. AARA marks that attitude of trying to crash through the ceiling of potential on a record that should stay in the minds and hearts of listeners for a long time to come.” — Meat Mead Metal Pick Of The Week

“…a masterpiece of raw atmospheric black metal full of ambient hooks. An immense and surreal album brought by the elegance of the melodies and the creativity of the individual efforts. The short duration is the only drawback of this magnificent album.” — Grimm Gent

“I cannot stress enough how hauntingly beautiful these songs are. It’s one thing to be able to talk about songs that move you; it’s another thing entirely to feel it so deeply it’s almost impossible to find the words.” — Nine Circles

“…simply thrilling Is it a masterpiece? It’s fucking close…” — Black Metal Daily

AARA continues to demonstrate their adroitness at integrating melodies of stirring emotional power (often with a pronounced connection to the era that inspired the album), assaults of harrowing ferocity, and passages of wondrous, soaring glory.” – No Clean Singing

“Armed with a seemingly immutable ability to inject stirring melodicism into every nook and cranny of their blackened atmospherics, AARA sits comfortably at the precipice of unorthodoxy. Whereas many other atmospheric black metal outfits revel in depressive elements, AARA has done a remarkable job of representing their thematic duality, as the entire affair carries itself with a thrillingly positive symphonic weight. A truly compelling black metal album.” — Sleeping Village

“Soaring beauty meets Luciferian horror on this long-form cut as AARA narrates the essence of the European intellectual project through a visceral aural tension capable of collapsing at any moment from under its own monumental sonic weight.” – Live Eye TV on “Arkanum”

“…a richly satisfying and frequently thrilling album. AARA excels at weaving a dense tangle of swift and interlocking guitar lines in a way that nevertheless feels almost weightless, tethered to earth only by the dirt under the nails and sweat on the brow that mark these songs as the honest work of people more committed to the sound they hear than the immaculate conception of an illusory perfection.” – Last Rites

“Not quite the past, not quite the future, you get the sense that this music comes to us from some realm of creation utterly outside of our own. It isn’t a frightening sense, but neither is it an entirely comfortable one. …AARA have captured the aura of an inaccessible place and time on this record that makes it feel truly transcendent.” – Heaviest Of Art