ZUD: A Wilderness Left Untamed Album By Maine-Based Blackened Metal Cult Now Available Digitally

Zud Shadow-Woods [photo by Charles Nickles][photo by Charles Nickles]

Following the limited CD release at Shadow Woods Metal Fest in September, A Wilderness Left Untamed, the second album from Portland, Maine’s blackened rock/metal cult, ZUD, is now available for digital purchase.

ZUD‘s A Wilderness Left Untamed was engineered and mixed by Todd Hutchisen (East Of The Wall, Falls Of Rauros) at Acadia Recording Co in Portland, Maine, and mastered by Carl Saff (Grails, RVIVR, Unsane) in Chicago, Illinois, its ten new tracks clocking in with an hour-long journey which will take the listener on a ride from one end of the rock universe to another, the record full of unexpected turns, all the while distinctly always very clearly recognizable as the output of ZUD.

Be it with first-wave black metal, surf, sappy ’80s pop, NWOBHM, classic rock, garage, or psyche of the ’60s and ’70s, hardcore of the late ’90s, or somehow everything at once, A Wilderness Untamed is an album which may trigger memories the listener may not have realized they’d had. ZUD traverses an insanely hilarious emotional roller coaster ride through the dark subconscious in a chaotic world, trying to make sense of it all, wondering what the point is, always remembering that though there is no argument in that “only death is real.”

ZUD’s A Wilderness Left Untamed can be streamed and purchased at THIS LOCATION.

Following their set at Shadow Woods Metal Fest and several shows in their native state this year, ZUD has one more live performance confirmed for 2018, headlining a gig in Bangor, Maine on December 16th where ZUD‘s proceeds will be donated to their friend Kathy Findlay’s leukemia bills.

ZUD Live:
12/16/2017 193 Exchange St. – Bangor, ME w/ Manic Abraxas, Combatant [info]

No Clean Singing offers of ZUD‘s A Wilderness Left Untamed, “It’s brimming with ideas and bursting with energy. It’s fiendishly clever, but never comes off as calculating or manipulative. It’s ambitious, but not in the sense that, in the case of some other bands, could mean overreaching or even pretentious. It’s just hugely effective in tapping into primal urges in the untamed way that the best of the devil’s music always does, and it does that in very distinctive fashion.” Cvlt Nation dubs ZUD, “one of the most criminally-unknown ‘black metal’ bands in the world,” and Wonderbox Metal states, “Combining both first and second wave influences with plenty of equally old-school rock and metal elements probably shouldn’t work, but ZUD make it look like the most natural and easy thing in the world… ZUD create a hybrid beast that successfully manages to sound like itself and little else, especially anything else around these days…”

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