ZEBULON PIKE: Minneapolis Instrumental Prog-Doom Metallers Unleash Space Is The Corpse Of Time

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, ZEBULON PIKE is an instrumental prog-doom metal band formed in late 2002. Inspired in equal parts by heavy sounds of the ’70s (Mountain, Pentagram, Captain Beyond, early Judas Priest), progressive rock (King Crimson, Rush), and 20th century classical (Bela Bartok, Arvo Part, and many others), ZEBULON PIKE combine the impact of metal with the calculated approach of “art” music. The result is a refined, muted aggression necessary for inciting the slow motion apocalypse.

The group’s fourth and most ambitious release yet, Space Is The Corpse Of Time, marries uncompromising abstraction with all the pummeling directness of classic heavy metal. Released earlier this year but remaining woefully under-the-radar, it’s stunning alchemy of the conceptual and the visceral is sure to make an impression on those seeking new vistas in heavy music.

Having shared the stage with contemporary genre-mates like Orthrelm, Zombi, Rwake, High on Fire, Don Caballero, Pelican, YOB, Hammers of Misfortune, The Sword, as well as time-tested veterans like The Hidden Hand, Blue Cheer, Boris, Helmet, and The Melvins, ZEBULON PIKE churn an intriguing mixture of melodic melancholy, old-school guitar-isms, and Wagnerian dynamics that marks a mighty presence in the world of heavy music.

Tom Berg – bass
Morgan Berkus – guitar
Erik Bolen – drums
Erik Fratzke – guitar