ZEBULON PIKE Full Album Stream Available At The Obelisk

Minneapolis-based instrumental prog/doom goliaths ZEBULON PIKE unleashed their Space Is The Corpse Of Time full-length in 2011. Inspired in equal parts by heavy sounds of the ’70s (Mountain, Pentagram, Captain Beyond, early Judas Priest), progressive rock (King Crimson, Rush), and 20th century classical (Bela Bartok, Arvo Part, and many others), the self-released, five-track offering is the band’s fourth and most ambitious work to date. Dubbed “an epic feast of might and majesty” by Aquarius Records, ZEBULON PIKE churn an intriguing mixture of melodic melancholy, old-school guitar-isms, and Wagnerian dynamics that marks a mighty presence in the world of heavy music.

As a treat for those who’ve yet to witness the band’s unsung sonic sanctity, the fine folks at The Obelisk are currently streaming Space Is The Corpse Of Time in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

“…if you like your post rock to be heavy and sludgy, and you like your sludgy heavy rock to be instrumental, and you like your sludgy heavy instrumental post rock to be both super melodic and sonically adventurous, almost scientifically advanced, well heck then you sound like our sort of customer and we highly recommend thisZEBULON PIKE album to you! It’s an epic feast of might and majesty and MUSIC.” — Aquarius Records

“…its mix of down-tuned guitars, pummeling drums – and a sensibility straddling both modern classical and classic rock – has enough snap and personality that the listener feels compelled to trudge, slog, climb and even run as the band scales its densely packed 12-minute pieces like so many gigantic mountains of ice.” — NPR

“The key component of ZEBULON‘s augmented doom metal is masterful use of dynamics. Transitions between loud and mellow, between clean tones and fuzzy noise, between violently fast and achingly slow happen unexpectedly–yet feel so precise. ” — Reviler

“Raw, powerful, full of good ideas and – most important – elaborate. That’s how it’s done.” — American Aftermath

“Space Is The Corpse Of Time can especially be recommended to people who enjoy suspenseful music with a good build-up. 99% of the bands that play progressive metal can learn a lesson or two from these guys.” — Lords Of Metal

“You will drift off, you will awaken. You will remember feelings long gone again. These men have sent me on a journey I won’t soon forget.” — Metal Machine