WORMWITCH Partners With RPG Writer JVC Parry For The Release Of Lord Of Chains – A Mörk Borg Nightmare

Photo by Lucien Cyr

Canadian black metal outfit WORMWITCH have partnered with RPG writer JVC Parry for the release of Lord Of Chains – A Mörk Borg Nightmare RPG. Lord Of Chains is an adventure for the pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG Mörk Borg, inspired by the lyrics of WORMWITCH.

Comments WORMWITCH vocalist/bassist Robin Harris, “The Lord Of Chains module came to be when TTRPG writer JVC Parry reached out to us with an idea to combine his interest in the band and roleplaying games. With access to lyrics and insights from the band, he was able to construct something crushingly bleak in the grimdark tradition of Mörk Borg. Players will plunge into a dying and cursed world to face off in a doomed struggle against the Lord Of Chains, who has crossed the farthest abyss to haunt the maddening halls of their campaign world.”

Adds guitarist Colby Hink, “This is a super cool and unorthodox collaboration between us and the writer. All of us are fans of the fantasy genre, gaming, and tabletop RPGs to some degree, so a project of this nature was right up our alley. Parry was right on the money as far as his vision to pair his work with our lyrics and themes, and we’re stoked to play the game ourselves.”

This forty-two-page scenario for Mörk Borg is written by JVC Parry in collaboration with WORMWITCH. It features relics, adversaries, and locations from both the world of Mörk Borg and the world of WORMWITCH’s songs and strives to emulate the feel of listening to the band’s work while playing through the scenario. Lord Of Chains is a scenario which takes place over the course of several sessions of play. It takes the characters from the cemetery of Graven-Tosk, through the Forest of Sarkash, and to the Iron Bastion. During the course of their adventure, the characters will acquire the Benighted Blade, use it to open the gates to the Iron Bastion, and endeavor to slay the Lord Of Chains.

The Lord Of Chains module is available at the Kickstarter link HERE featuring various WORMWITCH bundles including music and a limited edition Lord Of Chains shirt.

Behold, the Midnight Sun which rises of Tveland like a puncture wound in the sky. An empty star, born of the abyss. It drains what little life there is from the forest of Sarkash and causes the living dead to walk among the crumbling headstones of Graven-Tosk. Is it not true that we all feel its presence tormenting our souls with its unfaltering vigilance. Come night or day the star remains, sucking life from the battered world and replacing it with undead.