WORMWITCH: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Age Of The Ordeal Of Iron” Video From Canadian Black Metal Practitioners; New Single Out NOW!

Photo by Lucien Cyr

Returning less than a year after 2021’s critically acclaimed Wolf Hex full-length, Canadian black metal practitioners WORMWITCH present a new stand-alone single, “Age Of The Ordeal Of Iron,” now playing at Decibel Magazine.

Continuing the band’s proven tradition of relentless, punishing melodic black metal imbued with an undercurrent of rock and roll attitude and punk ferocity, the song was recorded at Little Red Sounds in Vancouver, BC with engineer Michael Kraushaar, mixed by the band, and finally mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound, UK.

Vocalist/bassist Robin Harris comments: “This song is about man usurping nature and becoming a self-proclaimed master over it. But the dread holiness of the sacred earth gives him fear, so he engages in rites of blood and fire to appease it, and he denies or becomes blind to his body to seek purity, while simultaneously ushering in an age of iron and death. Through this he becomes diminished, a part of a great machine that he grows to hate. He is now far removed from the garden and his own nature, he proclaims that “nature is no longer needed” while he cringes and recoils at the slightest discomfort, the slightest pain, the smallest disturbance to his Supreme Order and Total Control of a technocratic society, filled with delusions of transcendence and hatred of a world of his own making, his own flesh, and nature’s ‘natural evils.’ By this way he comes full circle into his Primitive Dreams and — assuming the image of a thunderous and metallurgic god radiating a holy and brightly burning cancer-of-the-spirit — he bombs the entire earth into dust and erases himself from existence.”

Adds Decibel Magazine, “WORMWITCH have long been on the forefront of the melodic, grimy black metal sound in North America, and they’re continuing that tradition with this new, blasting track.”

View WORMWITCH’s “Age Of The Ordeal Of Iron” video at THIS LOCATION.

“Age Of The Ordeal Of Iron” is currently available across all digital platforms and available to download exclusively via Bandcamp HERE. Stand by for additional WORMWITCH news to be unveiled in the weeks to come!

Colby Hink – guitar, vocals
Robin Harris – bass, synth, vocals
Izzy Langlais – drums
Kyle Tavares – guitar