WORMED: Full Album Stream Hosted By MetalSucks!

With its release just days away, the space probers at MetalSucks are currently streaming Exodromos, the forthcoming new studio offering from sci-fi death metal contortionists WORMED it its entirety! Recorded at Sadman Studios in Madrid, Spain and mastered by Mika Jussila (Amorphis, Impaled Nazarene, Children of Bodom, Nightwish etc.) at the renowned Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland, Exodromos will make its crash landing to earth this Tuesday, March 26, 2013 via Willowtip Records.

Commended for its “astronomically high mindfuck factor” by Decibel Magazine, the 10-track Exodromos serves as the prequel to Planisphaerium (originally released in 2003 in Japan then remastered last year by Willowtip), which centers itself around futuristic science concepts and chaotic visions of the last human left in the cosmos.

Elaborates the band in a communal statement: “The sun has become bigger and now is a dead star, no time left for the total Solar’s System destruction. Man has stopped thinking as he used to do in order to join of the collective conscience through extremely complex machines.The awakening of the The Chryms, is imminent,Welcome to all of you to the CONEKnity project.You are one of them.”

Get down with your cosmic death metal self and experience the collapse of the universe at THIS LOCATION.

Sophisticated, sharp and meticulously calculated, with Exodromos WORMED hurls a maniacal ambush of concentrated brutality and deep space delirium. Made of dissonant yet dynamic hyper-technical guitar traveling at breakneck speeds, the record offers up some of the band’s most technical and plainly obliterating material to date. Order Exodromos at THIS LOCATION.

WORMED is playing cutting-edge technical death metal now, complete with actual dynamics and guitar work that is both adventurously noisy and adventurously melodic – a rare combination.” – Invisible Oranges

“…musically this album is a beast… It’s one of those albums where I could point to a section in pretty much every song that will make tech-death fans at least partially tumescent. It really is that fucking good…” – Iron Hops

“Exodromos is not only one of the greatest albums of the year, but one of the greatest brutal death metal albums of all time. The musical structures are some of the most innovative, creative, original pieces heard in a very long time; especially from its respective genre. The imagination behind the concept of the album is both intriguing and world shattering; you can imagine yourself floating through space and time utterly alone before you’re sucked up into a quantum wormhole that will lead you through oblivion and into a cosmos unknown, full of death and despair. An absolute must hear, no exceptions.” – Volumes Of Sin

“…a ridiculously brutal album that also manages to be mind-blowingly unique. WORMED have crafted some of the most alien yet memorable riffs ever, and strung them together to create a stellar album full of masterful songs. Exodromos is clearly one of the best extreme metal releases of the past few years, and a must-listen.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy