WORM OUROBOROS’ What Graceless Dawn Streaming In Its Forlorn Entirety At Noisey; Record To See Release This Friday Via Profound Lore

Photo by Veleda Thorsson

Photo by Veleda Thorsson

“…their crowning glory – their strongest and most intoxicating offering to date, and one of the year’s most ethereally gorgeous recordings…” — Noisey

The Friday, dark ethereal doom trio WORM OUROBOROS will drop the fruit of their stunning What Graceless Dawn studio offering upon the masses via Profound Lore. In advance of its impending release, Noisey is streaming the record in its forlorn entirety issuing, “‘Beautiful’ is generally a relative term –hideously abrasive black metal can be beautiful as a gentle folk song – but some artists are able to circumvent those grey areas of perception and personal taste, and cross genre lines without a moment’s thought, in pursuit of grace. WORM OUROBOROS is one such musical entity, and what its members collectively create is objectively, inarguably, utterly beautiful. To attempt to deny that fact is to deny one’s own ears.”

Hear What Graceless Dawn, courtesy of Noisey, at THIS LOCATION.

Recorded and mixed at Oakland’s Earhammer Studios by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Pallbearer, Noothgrush), What Graceless Dawn will see its official unveiling on December 2nd, 2016 on CD and digital formats via Profound Lore Records. Preorders are currently available at the Profound Lore web store and Bandcamp page.

“There is much exquisite torture to be enjoyed here,” writes Team Rock in a recent investigation of What Graceless Dawn, further elaborating, “The way Jessica Way’s spidery guitar melodies combine with the fractious, whispered vocal mantras she shares with bassist Lorraine Rath owes as much to The Cure and Cocteau Twins as it does to SubRosa, but everything is delivered at snail’s pace and with a hint of icy detachment that’s more Mazzy Star than Moss. WORM OUROBOROS‘ echo- drenched austerity makes the closing ‘Night,’ in particular, feel like some ageless, sober hymn to dark forces.” In an 8/10 rating, Decibel Magazine gushes, “Enchanting bass melodies and graceful guitar counterparts melt into Aesop Dekker’s tasteful drum accents and the lilting feminine croon. Lorraine Rath and Jessica Way have summoned their version of the Fey Forest with its own amnesiac dangers and each new recording draws listeners deeper into its shadowy heart.” Adds Last Rites, “This is isolation, but without the loneliness, and it’s the best work WORM OUROBOROS has produced to date.”

The follow-up to 2012’s critically-lauded Come The Thaw LP finds the Oakland-based trio of bassist/vocalist Lorraine Rath (ex-The Gault, Amber Asylum), guitarist/vocalist Jessica Way (Barren Harvest), and drummer Aesop Dekker (Vhol, ex-Agalloch, Ludicra) elevating the WORM OUROBOROS sound to a new echelon of sophistication through their amalgam of morose, 4AD-esque doom, introspective death rock, dark ambient, and enchanting chamber music. Through obsessive bass lines, ambient guitar movements, layers and overtones, the alluring vocal intertwining between Rath and Way, and Dekker’s subtle-yet-procession-like percussion, What Graceless Dawn is a sonic vision of tragedy and despair, one of the saddest, most crippling, and gut-wrenching releases in the realm of heavy, dark, introspective music to bring the curtain down on the year.

WORM OUROBOROS formed in June 2007 by Lorraine Rath and Jessica Way. With both musicians already having experience within the Bay Area heavy music scene – Way was previously part of metal band World Eater and Rath being a part of the influential Amber Asylum lineup as well as being co-mastermind of The Gault – WORM OUROBOROS set out to create music which explores the lines between fragility and strength, darkness and light, harmony and discord. Drawing inspiration from many places, including metal, doom, folk, progressive, and dark ambient genres, WORM OUROBOROS creates its own space; a creeping, dark landscape full of murky dreams and emotions. The band would see the inclusion of drummer Aesop Dekker in 2010 who would replace original drummer Justin Green.