WORM: “Murk Above The Dark Moor” Visualizer From Florida Funeral Doom Collective Now Playing; Foreverglade LP Preorders Available Through 20 Buck Spin

“Murk Above The Dark Moor” is the new single from Florida funeral doom entity WORM, a premonitory track from the act’s impending third album, Foreverglade. The album is nearing its October release through 20 Buck Spin, who today issued preorders.

The highly anticipated third LP and first domestic release for the outfit, Foreverglade sees Phantom Slaughter handling vocals, guitars, synth, and bass, with additional guitar/solos by Nihilistic Manifesto, session drums by L. Dusk, and additional synth by Equimanthorn. Mixed and mastered at Sound Spa Productions by Stephen DeAcutis (Evoken, Dim Mak), Foreverglade features wild and fantastic artwork from Brad Moore (Tomb Mold, Morpheus Descends, Organic Infest), with additional art and design elements by Yuri Kahan, Nightmare Imagery, Labelskum, and Dan Fried.

WORM‘s Phantom Slaughter reveals, “‘Murk Above The Dark Moor ‘ is a homage to the early days of the legendary ‘Peaceville Three,’ calling forth the hauntingly vast choirs of My Dying Bride’s Towards The Sinister as well as the classically cold yet melodic doom riffage of Paradise Lost’s Lost Paradise and Anathema’s Serenades. Slight nods to Ceremonium and Thorns Of The Carrion may also be found within this dreary and dark murk. Blood of the ancients shall open the gates…”

Watch a visualizer for WORM’s “Murk Above The Dark Moor” now at YouTube HERE and stream the track at Bandcamp HERE.

A must-hear for fans of Disembowelment, Thorns Of The Carrion, Ceremonium, Spectral Voice, Goatlord, Evoken, Gorement, and Atramentus, WORM’s Foreverglade will be released on CD, cassette, and digital formats on October 22nd. The vinyl edition – which will include a huge 24×36 poster – is due January 28th. Preorders for all formats including merch bundles are available HERE and HERE.

Burrowing through the mire of the endless Floridian swamps like an arcane travesty of nature, the shadow-bound entity more commonly known only as WORM presents Foreverglade, a strange amalgam of things that ooze, things that crawl and some things that remain still for centuries before crumbling back into the dust and dirt unobserved by mortal eyes.

Utterly ambitious while being steeped in the ancient practices of tradition and ritual observance, on Foreverglade, WORM finds its truest incarnation, where the catacombs of funereal and oppressively heavy death doom are further thrown open, letting drift out the lurking obscurity of black metal’s cemetery stench. And yet an adept virtuosity and ghostly ethereality invokes the grim dark beauty of the swamps as much as the veiled creeping horrors.

What’s certain is Foreverglade is suffocatingly heavy, filled with shimmering, gloomy atmospheres, and a reeking, foul humidity that superbly embodies the mysteries and monstrosities of the murk. To that end, WORM reaches a new apex of creative sorcery while signaling it has only begun to unleash what lies beneath the mists.