WODE: English Black/Death Metal Outfit Issues “Lunar Madness” As Burn In Many Mirrors LP Nears April Release Via 20 Buck Spin

photos by Phillip James Torriero

English black/death quartet WODE has issued the new song “Lunar Madness,” the latest preview of the band’s impending third LP, Burn In Many Mirrors, which is nearing early April release via 20 Buck Spin.

Now into the second decade of existence in the material plane, WODE‘s definitive melding of black metal’s ecstatic desecration, death metal’s sharply attuned sense of violent purpose, and classic anthemic ’80s metal instills Burn In Many Mirrors with the elements necessary to sear itself into the fervent heart of the faithful.

Recorded by Joe Clayton at NØ Studio and mastered by Magnus Lindberg, Burn In Many Mirrors is completed with cosmic front and back cover paintings by Santiago Caruso (Stargazer) and layout by Envoy Of Death Design. WODE is a must here for fans of Sacramentum, Dissection, Watain, Nightbringer, Uada, Enslaved, Absu, Necrophobic, Craft, and Rotting Christ.

The band states the “Lunar Madness” single, “The sun abdicates jurisdiction. Enlightenment and industry give way to the wild energies of the night. Sanity cannot suppress the soul’s true purpose. We give you ‘Lunar Madness.'”

Stream “Lunar Madness” from WODE’s Burn In Many Mirrors now at YouTube HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Burn In Many Mirrors will see release on LP, CD, cassette, and digital formats through 20 Buck Spin on Friday, April 2nd. Find preorders at the label shop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

WODE has also been confirmed to host a guest DJ special on Gimme Metal on April 1st. Find more info HERE.

The follow-up to the highly praised Servants Of The Countercosmos, released by the legendary Avantgarde Music, WODE‘s Burn In Many Mirrors presents the band’s most potently wild and predatory work yet. With six new tracks spanning forty minutes of meticulously summoned infernal ferocity, the band scorches the landscape and drapes it in the foul reek of death’s fog.

One may hear the ancient voice of obscure and revered gods reflected through WODE‘s sulphuric incantations, the raging fire of the most blasphemous legends of the past called upon by the spirit of chaos and death. Shrouded in sepulchral black metal atmosphere and freezing cold melodies, Burn In Many Mirrors displays a studied regard for songcraft and motive well beyond mere convention, transforming into a concentrated dark chorus of ruin and abomination.