WO FAT: Dallas Stoner Doom Peddlers Stream Instrumental Version Of The Conjuring Via The Obelisk

Today, the volume squad at The Obelisk is pleased to douse your Monday blues in riff-centric sanctity with the instrumental version of The Conjuring, the latest long player from Dallas stoner doom peddlers, WO FAT.

Brimming with nearly fifty pavement-rumbling minutes of meticulously executed, spliff-torching thunder, WO FAT proves that they’re in the upper tiers of the vast stoner/doom metal universe alongside and comparable to acts like Nebula, Black Pyramid, Ufomammut, Elder, and undoubtedly Fu Manchu. Small Stone Recordings dropped this bomb of raging fuzz-tone amplification and soulful, cosmic destruction earlier this month via digital download, CD, and 180-gram vinyl with deluxe jacket and poly-lined sleeves, pressed in transparent red and black schemes, each limited to 250 copies (with an included download). In celebration of its release, The Obelisk is offering up the whole psychedelic ride in instrumental form.

Relays The Obelisk, “I’m not sure what prompted… WO FAT to produce an instrumental version of their latest and fifth album, The Conjuring, taking away the vocal work of Kent Stump and Michael Walter to leave just their guitar and drums, respectively, and the bass work of Tim Wilson, but if you want to apply the old stoner rock cliché, it definitely fits: ‘It’s all about the riffs, man.’ That’s been the case, more or less, all along for the heavy fuzz-rocking three-piece, but this instrumental take on The Conjuring brings into focus more than ever before just how righteous WO FAT‘s nod is, how fluidly they roll from groove to groove. Even a shorter song like the just-under-seven-minute ‘Read The Omens’ – which in its vocalized incarnation is among the record’s catchiest pieces – works smoothly as an instrumental moving between its riffs… Whether it’s an airy Stump lead, smooth fill from Wilson or perfectly placed crash from Walter, the instrumental The Conjuring highlights just how dynamic and powerful a trio they’ve become.”

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There’s been a creature lurking in the woods since WO FAT‘s 2006 debut, The Gathering Dark. Their second album, 2009’s Psychedelonaut, pulled back on the threat some to lighten the mood, but whether it’s the motor-driven rush of “Read The Omens” or the you’re-already-lost-in-it riff-exploration of seventeen-minute closer “Dreamwalker,” The Conjuring is indeed a backwoods ritual. Bluesmen have sold their souls for less. Topped off with a mastering job from Nolan Brett at Stump’s studio and an otherworldly cover courtesy of Alexander Von Wieding, the beast that WO FAT‘s tectonic riffage calls to earth has never seemed more real or more alive than it does on The Conjuring. Much in the same vein as their last two offerings – 2012’s The Black Code and 2011’s Noche del ChupacabraThe Conjuring boasts big jams and brawny riffs, the sort of record that turns the vaguely interested into converts and makes the corners on squares look even sharper.

“…one of the heaviest and coolest stoner acts.” – Sputnik Music

The band’s power lies in how loose they feel; they don’t rely on theatrics or clever bridges but instead sound confident swinging a bluesy sledgehammer of a riff right into a free-burning solo.” — MetalSucks

WO FAT have become not only the standard bearers for traditional stoner rffing, but also one of heavy rock’s most essential and forward-thinking acts.” – The Obelisk

“…if you love extended, psychedelic riff fests, you have absolutely come to the right place. Spark up what you got and settle down for some heavy, heavy sounds.” – Sea Of Tranquility

“The Conjuring is the trio at their most confident and awe-inducing, doling out heaviness like heavy ain’t no thing. So be careful jamming this album beside a bonfire. There’s no telling what may come crawling out of the cinders.” – The Metal Observer