WITCH VOMIT: Third LP From Portland Death Metal Quartet, Funeral Sanctum, Now Streaming; Album To Be Released Friday On 20 Buck Spin + Western US Tour Begins April 19th

photos by Kendra Farber

Funeral Sanctum, the harrowing third album by Portland, Oregon-based death metal crew WITCH VOMIT, is now streaming in its entirety ahead of its release this Friday on 20 Buck Spin.

WITCH VOMIT’s two previous albums, Abhorrent Rapture and Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave, solidified and elevated their position as one of current US death metal’s most potent and direct sources of expertly crafted cacophonous carnage. With a methodically relentless fervor and merciless aggression, WITCH VOMIT has carved out a formidable reputation for barbarism with hooks so catchy they rend flesh from bone.

On their third album, Funeral Sanctum, WITCH VOMIT expands the dark melodicism buried within the butchery of past releases, now sharpened into black obsidian, and caustically fused with the band’s hallmark brutality. The DNA within tracks such as “Blood Of Abomination” and “Dominion Of A Darkened Realm” invoke not the upbeat harmonies one hears in typical melodic death metal, but something more akin to the demonic evil might of early Dissection, gleaming in frozen darkness. The gore soaked USDM ferocity remains the rotted core of the band’s foundation, the band also sharing members with labelmates Torture Rack, among others.

WITCH VOMIT’s dominant stretch of dynamic evolution within the scope of their concentrated stylistic framework has reached a new pinnacle with Funeral Sanctum. The album’s intense focus and ceaseless riff storm unleashes a wave of blood-freezing gratification carved with permanence into the blackest depths. A must-hear album for all who consume the sounds of Dissection, Eucharist, Demigod, Crucifier, Gorement, Autopsy, and Morbid Angel.

Funeral Sanctum was recorded and mixed in November 2023 by Evan Mersky at Red Lantern Studios (Nightfell, Mournful Congregation, Triumvir Foul), mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio (Leviathan, Gehenna, Cerebral Rot), and is completed with cover art by Matt Stikker (Power Trip, Outer Heaven, Exhumed), additional art by Lucas Forte, photography by Kendra Farber, and layout by Dan Fried.

WITCH VOMIT’s Funeral Sanctum is now streaming in its entirety at YouTube RIGHT HERE.

20 Buck Spin will release Funeral Sanctum on LP, CD, MC, and digital platforms this Friday, April 5th. Preorders for the album and merch can now be placed at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

The release of Funeral Sanctum will be immediately followed by the Funeral Sanctum Tour 2024 across the Western US. WITCH VOMIT will join up with Phobophilic on April 19th and the two bands will tour through Olympia, Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Tulsa, Dallas, and Houston on their way to perform at the inaugural Austin Death Fest on April 27th and 28th where they’ll join Tomb Mold, Mortiferum, Outer Heaven, Sentenced 2 Die, Lunar Chamber, Maul, Civerous, Torture Rack, and more. From there, WITCH VOMIT will play Santa Fe with Mortuous May 1st before hooking up with Mortal Wound to play Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Oakland May 1st through 3rd, the tour ending with WITCH VOMIT playing a hometown show May 4th. Watch for additional WITCH VOMIT tour dates to post throughout the year.

WITCH VOMIT Funeral Sanctum Tour 2024:
4/19/2024 Cryptatropa – Olympia, WA w/ Phobophilic
4/20/2024 The Shredder – Boise, ID w/ Phobophilic
4/21/2024 Aces High Saloon – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Phobophilic
4/22/2024 The Crypt – Denver, CO w/ Phobophilic
4/24/2024 The Whittier Bar – Tulsa, OK w/ Phobophilic
4/25/2024 Cheapsteaks – Dallas, TX w/ Phobophilic
4/26/2024 Black Magic – Houston, TX w/ Phobophilic
4/27-28/2024 Austin Death Fest @ Mohawk – Austin, TX w/ Tomb Mold, Mortiferum, Phobophilic, more
4/30/2024 Launchpad – Albuquerque NM w/ Mortuous
5/01/2024 Nile Underground – Phoenix, AZ w/ Mortal Wound
5/02/2024 Resident – Los Angeles, CA w/ Mortal Wound
5/03/2024 Eli’s Mile High Club – Oakland, CA w/ Mortal Wound
5/04/2024 High Water Mark – Portland, OR

“… this time around, in addition to embracing their more traditional sound, WITCH VOMIT have come out to prove that they aren’t afraid to lean into the melody… This is definitely a high contender for my album of the year, and a record that does a great job transcending genre and furthering the death metal genre.” – MetalSucks

“…it’s all the blackened death metal you could want…” – Metal Injection

“Intentional or not, the strangely smooth and natural melding of melody and tension feels very early Necrophobic-like at times… Without a single doubt, Funeral Sanctum is WITCH VOMIT’s finest (half) hour. A lesser, more risk-averse band would have recorded Abhorrent Rapture Pt. II. Kudos to WITCH VOMIT for not only trying something different, but succeeding in doing so.” – Last Rites

“We’re used to WITCH VOMIT ruling over the realms of doomy and blackened death metal, but on this new album, they’re also not afraid to get melodic and take a lot more risks.” – Invisible Oranges

“From weighty, slower doom-crushing riffs to bursts of thrashing death metal rage, Funeral Sanctum draws on the sound of the band’s earlier material, adding more depth and variation without losing any of their raw intensity. An incendiary blast into festering projectile oblivion, WITCH VOMIT is here to stay.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“Funeral Sanctum is death metal that cannot possibly let down any follower of the subgenre that dines on brutality and riffs that tie your intestines in knots. WITCH VOMIT have grown stronger with each release, and the added muscle and blood they inject into this album are both infectious and utterly sickening.” – Meat Mead Metal