WHORESNATION: French Deathgrind Unit To Release Dearth Full-Length On Limited Edition Vinyl Via Carbonized Records; Preorders Available

Photo by Cyrille Fournier

French deathgrind unit WHORESNATION will release their devastating Dearth full-length on limited edition vinyl stateside via Carbonized Records!

Forged in 2009, WHORESNATION spews an intense combination of grindcore and death metal, a blend made of speed and rawness. From 2009 to 2012, the band released several demos and seven inches leading to their self-titled debut. Their distinct brand of sonic filth and crudeness would persist with 2014’s Scum Will Reign EP. In 2018, the band released its second full-length (and first as a trio), Mephitism. Reaping praise from fans and critics alike, Metal Injection hailed “a seriously destructive record,” adding, “WHORESNATION has released another banger with this one.” In a 9/10 review of Mephitism, Metal Temple championed afantastic band who most definitely outdone themselves here,” noting, “it’s short but slick and sweet… a grandiose motivator that will have your head banging furiously.” Cvlt Nation concurred, crowning the record, “a fucking unhinged rager!” The band toured in support of Mephitism for nearly two years with plans to end in May 2020 in North America, but the pandemic had different plans….

Partly spawned by pandemia, WHORESNATION‘s latest effort Dearth — released earlier this year on CD via Bones Brigade — finds the band back in four-piece form and delves deeper into their penchant towards death metal brutality and grindcore speed. Recorded at Disvlar Studio by Steph Lawansch in July 2021, mixed and mastered at Earhammer Studios by Greg Wilkinson in October 2021 with cover artwork by Matt Sidney, WHORESNATION offers another ear-drilling experience for blast beat connoisseurs.

Wrote Decibel Magazine upon inspection of the record, “I know this record is good because I’ve only listened to it 7,000 times since last Thursday. The WHORE boys definitely added a fair amount of death metal heft since Mephitism, adding a decent helping of more punishing grooves and circle pit riffs, as well as adding depth to both the snare and guitar tone. The result is something pretty special, even in the context of what is shaping up to be one of the most powerful years for grindcore in a long time. Do yourself a favor and set your watch to grind, motherfucker.” Last Rites shared the sentiment, “It’ll knock your goddamn block off, so best make sure you’ve got somewhere safe to land.”

Dearth will be released digitally and on limited edition vinyl in two color variants – Black and Orange/Red Marble – in the US this August via Carbonized Records. Find preorders at the Carbonized webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE where the record can be streamed.

Dearth Track Listing:

    1. Lucifugous
    2. Everyday Kriegspiel
    3. Self Containment
    4. Sunburnt To Death
    5. Tufa Downfall
    6. Death Annuity
    7. Pajarito
    8. Craving For Dearth
    9. Avalanche
    10. Odd Aura
    11. Crawlspace Burial
    12. French Enucleation
    13. Sewage Breath
    14. Bluthgeld
    15. Bullous Pemphigoid
    16. Alluring Lethal Remains

Lopin – guitars
Anto – bass
Tonio – drums
Pibe – vocals