WHITE HILLS: New York City Psychedelic Fuzz Rock Duo To Kick Off EU/UK Tour This Week; The Revenge Of Heads On Fire Full-Length Out Now

Photo by Alex Carter

New York City fuzz rock duo WHITE HILLS will kick off their EU/UK tour this week! The journey begins October 12th in Berlin and runs through November 15th in London.

Comments the band’s Dave W. (guitar, vocals, synth), “Europe and the UK have always felt like home to us. We’re looking forward to unleashing the beast of The Revenge Of Heads On Fire upon a rabid public seeking a transcendent experience.” See all confirmed dates below.

10/12/2022 Urban Spree – Berlin, DE
10/13/2022 Sonic Ballroom – Cologne, DE
10/14/2022 Foyer Culturel Saint-Ghislain – Mons, BE
10/15/2022 Magasin 4 – Brussels, BE
10/16/2022 Trauma – Marburg, DE
10/17/2022 Brandherd @ Altes Volksbad – Mannheim, DE
10/18/2022 Rote Sonne – Munchen, DE
10/19/2022 Between – Bregenz, AT
10/20/2022 Blah Blah – Turin, IT
10/21/2022 Bronson – Ravenna, IT
10/22/2022 Dong – Macerata, IT
10/23/2022 Fat Art – Terni, IT
10/24/2022 GCCB – Roma, IT
10/25/2022 Raindogs – Savona, IT
10/27/2022 Paral-lel 62 (Sala Club) – Barcelona, ES
10/28/2022 Wurlitzer Ballroom – Madrid, ES
10/29/2022 Tizon Sound – Gijon, ES
11/02/2022 Sonic Club – Lyon, FR
11/04/2022 Supersonic – Paris, FR
11/05/2022 Bistrot St. So – Lille, FR
11/06/2022 The Pit’s – Kortrijk, DE
11/07/2022 Green Door Store – Brighton, FR
11/08/2022 District – Liverpool, UK
11/09/2022 Headrow House – Leeds, UK
11/10/2022 Audio – Glasgow, UK
11/11/2022 Zerox – Newcastle, UK
11/13/2022 The Asylum – Birmingham, UK
11/14/2022 Le Pub – Newport, UK
11/15/2022 Peckham Audio – London, UK

WHITE HILLS released their The Revenge Of Heads On Fire full-length last month via their own Heads On Fire Industries.Harnessing the energy of ferocious, hedonistic rock with blissful passages of dark ambience, The Revenge Of Heads On Fire explores themes of mortality, transformation, and rebirth. Together, the duo reveals a spiritual depth unparalleled in previous works. The roar of fire, swirling of oceans, and hallucinogenic visions can be heard throughout the seventy-five-minute journey.

The record consummates Dave W.’s prototype for the 2007’s Heads On Fire, released on Rocket Recordings and later picked up by Thrill Jockey. Six rediscovered songs accompany re-mixed versions of the original material, fulfilling the master arch of the pyre lit long ago. Recorded during the band’s tumultuous early years, the music vibrates with the energy and volatility of a sonic boom.

The Revenge Of Heads On Fire is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. Find ordering options at the official WHITE HILLS Bandcamp page HERE where the record can be streamed in full.

Watch the band’s previously released videos for “Silent Violence” HERE, “Eternity” HERE, and “Oceans Of Sound” HERE.

Rising to prominence after their performance in Jim Jarmusch’s 2014 vampire romance Only Lovers Left Alive, WHITE HILLS has garnered a cult reputation as a fierce, genre-bending band. They stand among the most prolific bands of their generation having released twelve studio albums as well as numerous collaborations, EPs, and singles. The music made by core members Dave W. and Ego Sensation is risky and cutting edge, rooted in punk ethos and no-wave aesthetics. Their last album, Splintered Metal Sky, was hailed by The Quietus as the Best Psyche Rock of 2020.

“…a must listen for all fans of psych music; subverting conventions, and embracing innovation WHITE HILLS‘ enigmatic album is an intensely dark and eerie sonic exploration of sound. Suffice to say, an innovative and darker psychedelic album is refreshing, showing that exploring beyond our consciousness isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.” – Distorted Sound

“…original psych rockers ‘Radiate’ and ‘Oceans of Sound’ now share the runtime with ambient electronic tracks like ‘Vids’ and ‘Inoke Tupo,’ giving the flow the feel of early Tangerine Dream popping up to give the audience a breather at a Loop concert. Fans of the first version need not fear, however – the sprawling epic ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ still takes center stage, all twenty-plus, space-rocking, mind-bending minutes of it. As with the 2007 edition, the album ends with the cosmic crush of ‘Eternity,’ taking the journey to its naturally explosive conclusion. Bringing the band’s previous progress back home, WHITE HILLS shows us that this Revenge is indeed sweet.” – The Big Takeover

“If you’re looking for something strange, yet alluring and love your sonic trips on the fuzzier side of things, then you should definitely… hit play on WHITE HILLS’ The Revenge Of Heads On Fire.” – MetalSucks

“…a jaw-dropping exercise in heavy psychedelic rock and roll…” – The Sleeping Shaman

“…a supernova delight…gloriously hypnotic… the perfect place to begin your journey into the endless galaxies of psychedelic rock.” – PopMatters

Dave W. – guitar, vocals, synth
Ego Sensation – drums, bass, vocals