WALKEN: A Clever Crossover Takeover

San Fran crossover thrashers WALKEN are taking over! Their blend of heavy metal styles meld into an alloy that fans and media abroad find to be as energizing and infectious as it is massive. Check out footage of WALKEN opening for Death Angel in December:

Since it’s release in November, the band have been raking in the reviews on their latest full-length Walken:

“WALKEN deserve big things. They make proggy crossover thrash that somehow doesn’t suck. Two of them play in Grayceon, who also don’t suck. They have an awesomely natural-sounding recording. It causes air-guitaring. And they have great cinematic taste. You don’t see any bands called Estrada or Seagal, do you?” – Decibel Magazine

“Screaming, thrashing and melodic, with a touch of hardcore and punk… For an unsigned band, WALKEN seem to have quite a bit figured out.” – #5 of the Bay Area’s Loudest Albums of 2009 / Bayareametalscene.com

“Given WALKEN’s membership, it’s unsurprising that their style is a little tough to pin down. Their sound is unquestionably rooted in thrash metal first and foremost, but it’s peppered with outside elements… most listeners will be marveling at Walken’s ability to bring so many approaches into a cohesive, distinct sound.” – MetalReview.com

“…WALKEN keep us on our toes throughout this sturdy, adventurous platter… For an unsigned band, these guys are definitely worth investigating.” – Blistering.com

WALKEN have been constantly expelling their unique style of metal for the past 10 years. Comprised of a tight-knit crew who converged to create heavy blues-inspired metal paired with classical melodies, WALKEN boast a high-octane, sporadic, metallic sound that reaches out to punk, metal and straight-up rock fans alike. Their latest release – simply entitled Walken – was released by the band themselves with distribution from Relapse Records.

Stay tuned for more live actions and announcements from this band through 2010. Interviews with the WALKEN as well as review copies are available now via EARSPLIT.


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