VATICAN: Metal Injection Streams “Dreamer’s Bodybag” + Full Live Set Posted At Hate5Six; Ache Of Eternity EP Nears Release

VATICAN [photo by Nathan Fitzgerald][photo by Nathan Fitzgerald]

Metal Injection is now streaming “Dreamer’s Bodybag,” a new single pulled from the impending Ache Of Eternity EP by Savannah-based straight edge metallic hardcore outfit, VATICAN. The band continues their second consecutive US tour advancing the EP’s release later this month via Sorrow Carrier Records.

Of “Dreamer’s Bodybag,” VATICAN vocalist Jonathan Whittle states, “I wrote this song to reflect my love for the melodic, mournful side of metalcore. While writing this, I pictured myself as a ghost, roaming in slow motion and trying to win in the tug of war between depression and love: knowing the potential for greatness in being emotionally intimate with someone but being aware of how it could all come tumbling down if I lost that person. The lyrics focus on the latter, reminding myself to never forget that possibility but to not let it take over and descend into total apathy. The line, ‘Your sorrow saved me from my final descent,’ is me telling myself that every moment of sadness I felt strengthened me and made it so that loss crashing down wouldn’t crush me.”

Alongside their premiere of the new track, Metal Injection issues in part, “These straight edge, nonreligious dudes are not fucking around,” noting that their Ache Of Eternity EP, “is a doozy for anyone that worships Zao, Poison the Well, It Dies Today… can’t deny there is a huge Swedish death metal influence in there, somewhere, either.”

Stream VATICAN’s Dreamer’s Bodybag” only at Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.

Hate5Six posted a full live set from VATICAN HERE. Also hear the previously-released “Boundless Image” at No Echo HERE and see the video for VATICAN’s anti-suicide anthem “Slit Of Creation” at New Noise Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Ache Of Eternity will see release through Sorrow Carrier Records on August 25th; preorders for the record’s three color variants – black with screen-printed b-side, red with black smoke, and purple – are now posted HERE.

Following their recent trek with Absolute Suffering, Strength Approach, and Momentum, VATICAN continues to tour alongside Momentum supporting Breaking Wheel through August 16th. Stand by for additional tour dates to be announced.

VATICAN w/ Breaking Wheel, Momentum:
8/14/2017 Space Station at Starlandia – Savannah, GA
8/15/2017 Transitions – Tampa, FL
8/16/2017 Nighthawks – Jacksonville, FL

VATICAN‘s Ache Of Eternity was recorded by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business (Advent, Torch Runner, Red Death, Joy) in May of 2017, after which it was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Nails, Xibalba) and completed with artwork by Spencer Guerrero and photography by Nathan Fitzgerald. While some tracks meld corrosive vocals somewhere between Zao, Caliban, and Carcass, with the unhinged aggression of Martyr A.D., the barely-controlled chaos of Converge and Burnt By The Sun, the groove of Machine Head, and the bloodthirsty beatdown of One King Down, others open the heart as much as the pit, a la Poison The Well and It Dies Today.