VANDERBUYST: New LP From Dutch Trio Streaming; Album To See Release This Friday

In advance of its worldwide release this Friday, December 7th, the entire new Flying Dutchmen album from raging rock trio VANDERBUYST is now streaming in its entirety via major Dutch website 3voor12. Crank it up RIGHT HERE!

Flying Dutchmen will hit be publicly available on CD, LP and digital download this week by Germany’s Ván Records, also virtually responsible for discovering and releasing albums from The Devil’s Blood, The Ruins Of Beverast, Year of the Goat and others into the cult spotlight over the last decade, in addition to having released VANDERBUYST‘s self-titled debut LP and sophomore album, In Dutch.

With the release of Flying Dutchmen, VANDERBUYST continue their tireless quest to save the world from flaccid rock. Much like their ancestors before them, Jonkman, Van Esbroek and Verbuyst have achieved an amazing feat of reclamation. VANDERBUYST have restored the heart and soul to hard rock without any gimmicks or ironic hipster attitude. This is the real deal.

Vanderbuyst prove the classic hard rock genre can produce vibrant songwriting in 2012… Flying Dutchmen takes their sound even further up the class ladder than they’ve already established. 5.5/6″ – Imhotep

“Vanderbuyst are such a good band I have hard time putting words to paper. If you were to look for a template for a classic rock power trio, this bunch are it.” – Blogcritics

“Vanderbuyst worked hard and made something I think is beyond their expectations. The THIN LIZZY influences – more than obvious – along with a touch of NWOBHM gave a catchy feeling to the songs while the dirty production add an old-school layer. 9/10” – Metal Kaoz

“One thing that strikes me about this record is the genuine virtuosity of the guitar solos, born out of rock n roll in general but every now and again some metal and some other genres rear their influence in the recordings bringing a vintage feel to the table, this will certainly appeal to Uli Jon Roth era-Scorpions fans.” – Ave Noctum

“…they succeed in creating catchy songs and minimize the risk of losing their audience during long musical intermezzos and endless jamming.” – Metalrage