VALDUR: Sierra Mountains-Dwelling Blackened Death Miscreants Undrape “Blessings Of The Goat” Video At Cvlt Nation; Pathetic Scum Out NOW On Bloody Mountain Records


Sierra Mountains-dwelling blackened death miscreants, VALDUR, in conjunction with the plague-spreaders at Cvlt Nation, today offer up the visual companion to “Blessings Of The Goat.” The latest war hymn comes by way of the band’s Pathetic Scum opus, unleashed via Bloody Mountain Records late last month.

Ranked at #5 on OC Weekly’s Ten Best Metal Albums Of Summer 2015, with the publication commending VALDUR‘s unrepentant, “sonic wall of sheer terror,” likening the vocals comprising Pathetic Scum to, “those scenes in horror movies where a possessed protagonist is swarmed by all of the voices in their head simultaneously,” the record’s seven punishing odes of audio abhorrence are currently reaping commendations from underground hordes in the know. Treble champions the, “primal power,” summoned by VALDUR‘s overall sound, further elaborating, “They are not shoegazing anywhere, but there’s still a haunting atmosphere in the background… VALDUR proves that you can be extremely heavy without having to sacrifice musicality…. Pathetic Scum provides the kick in the face you have been craving.” No Clean Singing concurs, “The rhythm section are a couple of merciless bone-grinders, and the cavernous vocals are the utterances of a lurching horror. And the needling riffs are not only pestilential, they’re also catchy,” while Dead Rhetoric notes, “VALDUR are once more successful at merging the landscapes of black and death to create something that is more or less as terrifying as it should be… it’s a memorable disc that keeps the anger flowing from beginning to end whilst retaining some sense of melody.” The Midlands Rocks applauds a record that’s, “pestilent, putrescent and pummeling,” adding, “beauty takes on a different meaning on this album. Tempos are dragged, forced, fucked; riffs are ripped, ravaged, rabid; and vocals are vehement, vile and venomous… These tracks are not crafted. They’re bashed in and out of shape until they bleed the wrong color. Ruthless, uncompromising, and vile beyond compare, VALDUR are the embodiment of exquisite malice.” Abysmal Hymns hails an offering that’s, “cavernous and roaring,” commending an overall, “pit of primal power.” Adds Metal Insider poignantly “The core of what VALDUR does so well runs along the often fine line between the worlds of black and death metal. There are tracks like album opener, ‘Tank Torture,’ which seethes old-school death metala esthetics mingled with second wave black metal delivery – from the fiery inferno blasting at the start to various, head-banging tempo changes throughout its wonderful nine minute run that finally culminates in a frost-bitten final two minutes. This has been VALDUR‘s burnt bread and curdled butter for a long while and they have never disappointed in their ability to take the best of both the death and blackmetal worlds and merge them so deftly. Yet on Pathetic Scum they are not only able to expound on the technicality of the delivery, but of the atmospherics that blend along with each note as well.”

In commemoration of the release of Pathetic Scum, today Cvlt Naton offers up the noxious images of “Blessings Of the Goat.” Offers VALDUR in a collective statement, “This song and video represent how our ‘freedom and will’ to make this music conflicts with how these same creative desires tie us down, like an addiction or an obsession…in the darkest and most enlightening of ways……”

Adds Cvlt Nation, “Hey you over there, are you ready to be decapitated by diseased riffs that have been covered by every sonic virus unknown to man? If you are, then VALDUR‘s new album Pathetic Scum… is just for you because it’s a non-stop unholy force of nature.”

Check out the cryptic visuals of “Blessings Of the Goat,” courtesy of Cvlt Nation, at THIS LOCATION.

Featuring past and current members of Weverin, Endless Blizzard and Plutocracy, VALDUR was forged at the turn of the century in a small mountain town located in the pulsating heart of the Sierra Mountains where the Death Valley desert lands meet the ascending Mt. Whitney and where the unholy collective dwells without interference of fashionable scenes or rulebooks. Pathetic Scum was captured entirely at the band’s clandestine Bloody Mountain Bunker, mixed by drummer Matthew and mastered by Dan at Morbid Mastering, Pathetic Scum picks up where the repugnant sounds of 2013’s critically-adored At War With left off. Featuring the addition of new guitarist, Vuke, the record seethes with a blizzardy onslaught of warring riffs, bestial blasts, wrath-fueled vocal offensives and an overwhelming atmosphere of pandemonium, trepidation and all-encompassing ruthlessness.

Pathetic Scum is out now digitally and in digipak format via the band’s own Bloody Mountain Records HERE where you’ll also find the record streaming in its diseased entirety.