USX: Psychedelic, Blues Rock Conjurors Unleash New Video Via Metal Injection

Today, the good folks at Metal Injection offer up the exclusive video premiere of “Wolf On Anareta,” from psychedelic, Appalachian blues rock conjurors, USX. The production was directed by Paul Anderson with additional creative help/execution by USX violinist Meg Mulhearn and a virtual army of imaginative friends. Partially shot in an upscale restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina, the trippy, blood strewn, six-plus-minute “Wolf On Anareta” comes from the band’s Run Thick In The Night full-length, released via Neurot Recordings in 2010.

Comments violinist/video producer Meg Mulhearn of the clip: “This video is the result of a lot of hard work by some very talented people. The plague doctor/Muppet fusion idea had been rattling around in my head for awhile in association with this song. Luckily my friends are complete badasses, as well as being extremely generous with their time. Eternal thanks to Paul Anderson, Jenny Webb, Bonnie Beckwith, Tony Plichta, Charlie Howes, Will Lyons, Neal Wilson, David Lynch and my very patient bandmates in USX. Additional thanks to Jim Henson, wherever you are.”

Adds guitarist/vocalist/wordsmith Nate Hall: “This was the first and only time we ever filmed anything professionally. All said, it was a good experience. We had control, we trusted Paul to do it right and he did. We got to torment people in an upscale restaurant with several hours of full-on sonic assault, pointy guitars, and general dirtbaggery. It has all the things I love about music videos: tons of guitars, amps, angry bass, drummers, creepy Muppets, leather pants, dark woods, and fake bloody Tony Plichta. Dig it. My life would be complete if we could just get Beavis and Butthead to make fun of our video.”