UNSACRED Touring With Noisem; Tour-Only Cassette With New Songs And Limited CD Version Of False Light Available At Shows

unsacred_1839edit_web [photo By Jeremy Ledford]

Virginia-based black metal trio, UNSACRED, is currently out on the road supporting Noisem on a sixteen-date run through the Southeast US, with three dates also including Homewrecker. Having already burned through Louisville, Nashville, Birmingham and Jackson, Tampa and Pensacola, the tour rages into Orlando tonight and then blazes straight up the East Coast before smoldering to a close in Baltimore on August 9th.

For the tour only, UNSACRED is packing a new limited version of their Forcefield Records-released debut album, False Light. In addition, the band has an untitled cassette tape with two brand new songs — “Repetition (Worthless)” and “Kingdom” — limited to a one-time run of 125 copies. The new tracks were recorded at Rusty’s by Ricky Olson and the artwork was handled by Will Mullery

UNSACRED Tour Dates:
8/012015 Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL w/ Noisem
8/022015 Purgatory – Atlanta, GA w/ Noisem
8/032015 Foxfield – Columbia, SC w/ Noisem
8/042015 The Maywood – Raleigh, NC w/ Noisem
8/052015 Shaka’s – Virginia Beach, VA w/ Noisem
8/062015 Hell’s Door – Richmond, VA w/ Noisem, Mens Room
8/072015 The Harmony Grange – Wilmington, DE w/ Noisem, Homewrecker
8/082015 Siren Records – Doylestown, PA w/ Noisem, Homewrecker
8/092015 CCAS – Baltimore, MD w/ Noisem, Homewrecker
9/25/2015 Shadow Woods Festival – White Hall, MD

Stand by for more on UNSACRED to be announced in the coming weeks.

False Light is available from Forcefield Records on CD HERE and LP HERE, through BandCamp HERE and iTunes HERE,

Noisey issued on behalf of UNSACRED‘s False Light, “This is sharp, imposing black metal with crusty punk edges, as indebted to the Scandinavian masters as it is to its USBM peers Ash Borer and Barghest, and especially on tracks like “Erode” and “Sun,” you just know that the fingers behind that furious tremolo have sewed on a Skitsystem patch or two.” No Clean Singing offers, “This Virginia band explodes from the start with an impressive burst of feral black metal. The vocals are as hateful a rasp as anything you could ask for from the States. The vocals sit up front in the mix rather than the more typical buried placement. There is a constrained chaos to the attack, making the triumphant gallops stand out… this album is an accomplished blending of punk anger with black metal’s venom.” Mead Mead Metal’s review of the album advises, “Their sound is raw and vicious, with their mission being igniting the coals, pouring an unnecessary amount of lighter fluid on it, and daring any moron with no sense to get near it. There’s some crust and doom in their sound as well, but for the most part, it’s straight-ahead, rip-through-your-body violence that flat out demolishes.” Cvlt Nation championed the album with, “When you hit the play button on UNSACRED‘s False Light, it’s moshpit time! This album doesn’t stop and go without dynamics, though. They write carefully controlled songs that set up the best moments – the mid-tempo grooves that leave you headbangin’ like a lunatic before knockin’ your balls out of the park with the blast-sections.”