UNIDAD TRAUMA: Arte Médica Siniestra Debut EP From Tijuana-Based Grindcore Faction Out Now And Streaming Via Concreto Records

Tijuana-Based grindcore faction UNIDAD TRAUMA today unleashes their Arte Médica Siniestra debut EP via Concreto Records!

2019 was a strange year for underground medicine in Tijuana, Baja California. A series of unfortunate events befell one of the most infamous medical practices in all of Mexico, causing it to abruptly shutter its seedy doors, effectively halting its progress on questionable medical techniques and research. However, the fierce need within the remaining doctors to continue their work could not be excised from the world of medicine. Plans were quickly brought forth to create a new practice in which the four young doctors’ thirst for the discovery of new sinister medical knowledge could be quenched. So comes forth Arte Médica Siniestra, the debut collection of lurid symposiums from the medical practitioners UNIDAD TRAUMA.

Said No Clean Singing of the offering, “….these Tijuana-based death/grind medical maniacs give us ugly, gurgling, and choking growls, unhinged screams, blistering drumwork, and swarming chords with a flesh-eating sickness in their aroma – but they also manage to infiltrate soaring and swirling melodies that are somehow grand as well as miserable. They pack a lot of changing action into this dynamic track, and it’s a thriller throughout.”

Stream UNIDAD TRAUMA’s Arte Médica Siniestra at THIS LOCATION.

View UNIDAD TRAUMA’s “33 (Ars Sinistra)” at THIS LOCATION.

Arte Médica Siniestra is available on CD HERE and digitally HERE.

By mid-2019, the entity now known as UNIDAD TRAUMA had already begun to enter the ears of the populace of Mexico and the United States. Stories began circulating regarding a group of so-called “medical practitioners” who would give dissertations in the form of a harsh musical assault to those with an unhealthy curiosity for occult medicine, the most well-known of which took place during a string of dates across the American Southwest with Cattle Decapitation. More of these sorts of lectures were also done in Mexico the same year, with a tour of the country’s most populous cities. Soon enough, word had spread to the European country of Belgium through a purveyor of morally questionable art and music, and thus the Doctors were invited to perform at Masters Of Grind in November 2019 with acts such as Birdflesh, General Surgery, Cattle Decapitation, and Agathocles. But this was only the beginning, as the fervor of the clad-in-black surgeons only became more unrelenting with each successful procedure in the name of progress and science. Unfortunately, world events including the global pandemic and the shutting down of international borders in North America caused the postponement of UNIDAD TRAUMA‘s largest performance yet at Domination Festival in Mexico City, as well as other planned Mexico and US tour dates. Fortunately for the test subjects currently housed at their clinic in Tijuana, and being men of opportunity, the doctors locked themselves within their headquartersm scheming and toiling away, surgically sculpting their debut audio release, which is now set to see light later this month. Welcome Arte Médica Siniestra.

Dr. Padilla – vocals, guitars
Dr. Murillo – drums
Dr. Davis – guitars
Dr. Morales – bass