UNBREAKABLE HATRED: Canadian Tech Death Strategists Unleash New Guitar Play-Through Video At Gear Gods


Canadian tech death strategists, UNBREAKABLE HATRED, today unleash the shredding guitar play-through video to the track “Unpredictable Brutality.” The tune, now playing at Gear Gods, comes by way of the band’s crippling Ruins full-length released last Summer via Unique Leader Records.

Issues Gear Gods simply and accurately, “if you like your shit real brutal and uncompromising, mash that triangle on the tube box.”

Check out “Unpredictable Brutality” at THIS LOCATION.

Commended by Decibel Magazine for its, “technical wizardry meets OSDM rage,” UNBREAKABLE HATRED‘s Ruins boasts eight tracks of violent, precise and vehemently rabid death metal mastery. “On… Ruins, the Quebec trio demonstrate how no-bullshit, raw hamburger meat ‘n’ potatoes death metal oughtta be done,” said MetalSucks, furthering, “The record’s eight songs are like eight wild wolves that have been trained to love the taste of flesh, locked up, starved for a couple of days, injected with rabies, and set loose at a crowded cocktail party. Pray you’re already dead before they start eating you.” “Are you ready to have your spine ripped out through your throat?,” added Yell Magazine, “Because that’s exactly how you’ll feel after listening to the technical death metal intensity of UNBREAKABLE HATRED.” “Pounding drums, heavy riffs, frenzied vocals, lightning leads and solos… UNBREAKABLE HATRED don’t mess around and they spend these short thirty-minutes showing a finely balanced blend of professionalism and base aggression,” shared WonderBox Metal, naming the band, “one of the elite,” and furthering, “I think we can safely move UNBREAKABLE HATRED to the top of the recent technical death metal pile.” Invisible Ink Music crowned Ruins, “a punishing, pedal-to-the-floor album that marvels in its ability to play loud and fast.” Added Dead Rhetoric in an 8.5/10 rating, “There’s a bit of a Cryptopsy feel to some of the speedy and complicated riffing that takes up a good chunk of the disc. But what gives the band an edge is that they offer more than sheer wankery to get their point across. In addition to the intricate and clever riffing, they toss some Dying Fetus-esque groove to give things some balance. There’s never really any ‘stomping’ per say, but slowdown that comes every once in a while gives some needed variability. There’s a natural flow between moments of groove and the otherwise chaotic material, which proves the band is going for songwriting instead of being showy.”

UNBREAKABLE HATRED was forged by guitarist Philippe Drouin, his brother, drummer Dominic and vocalist/bassist Simon B. Lapointe. Manifesting a mutinous amalgam of old-school death metal brutality, modern technical wizardry and blistering groove, over the course of seven years, one previous full-length and a gaggle of touring, UNBREAKABLE HATRED‘s relentlessly visceral sound expeditions and DIY drive has reaped the respect and adulation from some of extreme metal’s most esteemed figureheads. Suffocation’s Terrance Hobbs calls UNBREAKABLE HATRED, “one of Canada’s premier death metal acts,” adding, “this trio of power lays waste to the listeners ear drums on every level and then some!” “UNBREAKABLE HATRED blew us away each night with their energy and ripping songs,” championed Misery Index’s Jason Netherton, “it was a total pleasure to have them on our tour… Ferocious!” Cryptopsy’s Flo Mounier concurs, “UNBREAKABLE HATRED are definitely one of the new bands out there to be recognized! Once again proving that Quebec musicians are on top of their game!”


Ruins was captured by Chris Donaldson at The Grid Studios (Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Neuraxis etc.). Order your copy today at THIS LOCATION.