UNBORN SUFFER: Decibel Magazine Premieres “PierdolÄ™ Was” Video From Polish Deathgrind Act; Commit(ment To) Suicide Sees Release Next Week Via Selfmadegod Records

Polish deathgrind trio UNBORN SUFFER presents a new lyric video for the succinctly devastating “PierdolÄ™ Was,” a preview of their rapidly impending Commit(ment To) Suicide full-length, out next week via Selfmadegod Records. The track has made its public inauguration through an exclusive premiere at Decibel Magazine.

Declares UNBORN SUFFER drummer Lukasz Ziółkowski, “‘PierdolÄ™ Was’ means ‘I fuck you all!’ These are the words of any entity that is fed up with systems of this world; political, religious, and any other system that disgusts a free man. The words were written in the 90s but remain very relevant, even too relevant. The lyric, same as the song, is short but timeless with its idea.”

Decibel writes with the song’s debut, “UNBORN SUFFER mince no words nor musical motifs. The Polish deathgrinders are previewing upcoming album Commit(ment to) Suicide with a song featuring a similarly blunt title. ‘PierdolÄ™ Was’ translates to ‘I fuck you all,’ and the music is just as aggressive. The sound references early genre legends such as Assück, Napalm Death, and Brutal Truth.”

See UNBORN SUFFER’s “PierdolÄ™ Was” video early only at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

See the previously issued lyric video for “Degradation Of Evolution” HERE.

Commit(ment To) Suicide will see release on CD and digital formats via Selfmadegod Records next Friday, June 26th. Find preorders HERE.

Since 2002, UNBORN SUFFER has unloaded a vast arsenal of albums, EPs, and singles through a wide range of labels and outlets, their pummeling, metallic, death/grind attack drawing comparisons to the likes of Suffocation, Brutal Truth, Assück, Napalm Death, and Mortician.

UNBORN SUFFER now delivers their sixth full-length, Commit(ment To) Suicide, which encapsulates some of the band’s most ferocious material to date through a twenty-five-song assault, with two additional exclusive bonus tracks added to the CD version. The album was recorded during the Spring of 2019 in local Post Abortum Studios, with drums were recorded at Brzeskie Centrum Kultury, mixed and mastered at Invent Sound Studio by Szymon Grodzki, and finished with cover artwork by Kabewu/Jarek.