ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S: Legendary New York City Hip-Hop Act’s “Ultra Ultra/Silicon Bass” 12” Single Backed By Nashville Powerviolence Duo THETAN To See Record Store Day Release

Anti-Corporate Music’s special “Ultra Ultra/Silicon Bass” collaboration between legendary New York City rap pioneers ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S backed with Nashville powerviolence duo THETAN will see release for 2023 Record Store Day release this Saturday, the etched 12” offering two brand new tracks of spaced-out, funky hip-hop.

Known for their abstract and futuristic style, Kool Keith and Ced Gee pioneered the New York Hip-Hop sound in the 1980s as ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S alongside contemporaries such as KRS One and LL Cool J, before disbanding in the mid-1990s. Bolstering a long, genre-spanning solo career Kool Keith cemented his legacy in the hip-hop, punk and electronic music circles with thematic albums under aliases such as Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, and Black Elvis, while Ced Gee stayed mostly behind the scenes providing production work for iconic artists including The Prodigy and Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Backing the legendary duo is Nashville-based hardcore/powerviolence duo THETAN, embodied by drummer Chad L’Plattenier and vocalist/bassist Dan Emery who also runs Black Matter Mastering and the Anti-Corporate Music label responsible for the creation and release of the album. THETAN has previously collaborated with Kool Keith, providing the entire instrumentation for the 2019 Record Store Day “Complicated Trip” 12” single and subsequent 2020-released Space Goretex collaborative album. Murfreesboro-based death metal henchmen Torsion also join the mayhem, providing gang vocals on “Silicon Bass.”

“Ultra Ultra/Silicon Bass” is pressed on 150-gram Blue vinyl, the B-side is emblazoned with an etching of the ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S logo, engraved by Dan Emery.

Find the record at your local participating Record Store Day location this Saturday, April 22nd at the official website HERE.

Echoes And Dust this week posted an in-depth interview with Chad and Dan from THETAN as well as Ced Gee and Kool Ketih from the ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S on the collaboration and more. Check it out HERE.

Watch for additional updates from the THETAN camp over the coming weeks as the band prepares several other titles for release this year including a new LP.