ULCERATE: Relapse Releases Explosive Single From Death Modernizers’ New LP

For those already devoted to the works of Auckland, New Zealand’s death metal innovators ULCERATE, their pending fourth LP, Vermis, is undeniably one of the most anticipated extreme releases of 2013. The band’s relentlessly explosive, unfathomably destructive methodology is in a class of its own, as proven on their previous LPs released by Neurotic and Willowtip as well as across the globe in the live setting, and on Vermis is at its most ominous and technical in the entire decade of the band’s existence to date.

Today, Relapse finally gives the world a taste of Vermis‘ wrath through a release of the album’s first single, “Confronting Entropy.” Here ULCERATE belittles everything in earshot with their punishing talents, infusing some of the most rapturous blasts and most haunted riff-bends on all of Vermis, unloading an all-consuming six-and-a-half minutes of mesmerizing brutality. The track is now live via a Youtube art video, where detailed accounts of the bleak album artwork, photos of the band and more back the auditory assault.

“Confronting Entropy” is also available on Soundcloud HERE, and if you missed it see the extensive in-studio video of the making of Vermis AT THIS LOCATION.

Vermis will see release September 17th in North America, preceded by September 13th in Germany and Benelux, and September 16th in the UK and rest of the world. Preorders for all versions — CD, 2xLP, and Digital — are available here, and the single for “Confronting Entropy” can be purchased now via iTunes here.