TRICKY LOBSTERS: German Doom Rock Trio Issues “Tarred Albino” Video Via The Obelisk; Worlds Collide LP Nears Release Through Exile On Mainstream

TrickyLobsters1_web byChristianThiele[photo by Christian Thiele]

“…man, this one just has ‘sleeper hit’ written all over it…” – The Obelisk

“Tarred Albino” is the crushing new single from Rostock, Germany’s groove-heavy doom/blues rock trio, TRICKY LOBSTERS and their impending Worlds Collide LP. The track sees release through a video premiere at The Obelisk this week as the band’s cohorts at Exile On Mainstream prepare the album for official release.

Featuring guest Sebastian “Sebel” Niehoff on Hammond Organ on the track, the new video for “Tarred Albino” shows TRICKY LOBSTERS performing live at major events and intimate club settings, as well as in the studio during the recording sessions of their new LP, the studio footage as filmed by drummer Jörg Peters, and the live action filmed by Justus Tanz throughout 2016 and 2017, who also handled the editing of the video.

Alongside the “Tarred Albino” premiere, popular rock underground outlet The Obelisk offers of TRICKY LOBSTERS‘ new album, “man, this one just has ‘sleeper hit’ written all over it,” continuing, “it’s a work of marked quality of songwriting – mature and memorable and experienced befitting a sixth outing – but energetic and not at all staid-sounding.”

Tune in to check out TRICKY LOBSTERS’ new video at The Obelisk RIGHT HERE.

Also view the previously-released “Bitter Man’s Fame” video HERE.

Exile On Mainstream will issue Worlds Collide on CD, LP, and digital formats on June 23rd, however direct preorders from the label area now shipping. Stream brief clips of all of the album’s tracks and find preorders for all formats HERE.

If the term “insider tip” wasn’t so drawn-out, it could be repeatedly used to describe TRICKY LOBSTERS. From noise to punk rock in the early years, from rock’n’roll to the gnarly sludge blues rock on their prior LP, The Blue Hospital Conspiracy, their body of work includes pretty much everything with a noisy edge. After nearly four years in the wilderness, but their legacy not unsung, the Baltic Sea-based band continues their travels in a kind of western-driven, grand finale and face off in an epic clash of stories, riffs and drama on Worlds Collide. Engineered and produced by drummer Jörg Peters at Blue Hospital in Rostock in 2017, the three northerners follow diverse paths through rock history and bind them together on Worlds Collide, their sixth official release to date. Now in their twenty-first year of existence, with Worlds Collide, TRICKY LOBSTERS present trademark groove and riffs, born from melodies and lyrics deeply rooted in old and recurring stories of love, dreams and deception. The record paints a vivid picture of their current world, and the one behind them.

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