TOVARISH: If The War Comes Tomorrow By Apocalyptic Trio Out Now On Argonauta Records

Commemorating their tenth year in existence, Providence, Rhode Island-based experimental/doom trio TOVARISH released their new album, If The War Comes Tomorrow, through Argonauta Records in July

If The War Comes Tomorrow delivers the most engrossing, unsettling, and nihilistic work from TOVARISH to date. The album was recorded and mixed by Ivan at The Great Swamp, mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering, and completed with artwork and layout by Stephen Wilson. Jamie Myers (Sabbath Assembly) supplies guest vocals to the tracks “In The Language Of Firepower ” and “The Year Without Summer.”

With forty-eight minutes of cinematic devastation merging elements of doom metal, dark ambient, and more into the bleakest sounds for the end-of-days, fans of Khanate, Gnaw Their Tongues, Locrian, Nadja, Sutekh Hexen, and other harsh and visionary experimenters must explore If The War Comes Tomorrow.

Stream TOVARISH’s If The War Comes Tomorrow in its entirety HERE and see the video for “The Year Without Summer” HERE.

Find If The War Comes Tomorrow on CD through Argonauta Records HERE and digitally at Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for a new video for “Silver And Lead” to be issued in the coming days.

Following a recent show supporting Kayo Dot, TOVARISH will announce new regional live performances early in the new year. The band also just issued a new single through Silent Records’ Dark Indicator compilation of guitar-based drone available HERE.

Musically, If The War Comes Tomorrow presents TOVARISH‘s greatest departure from their metal roots. Following the industrial-tinged This Terrible Burden (2015), the band began remixing for goth/industrial artists. Throughout this new album, familiar components of found sound and field recordings are enhanced by techniques used for film and television production. The result is that each track is as much a scene as it is a song, presenting musical components in concert with cinematic diegeses. Rather than leaping through the speakers to assault listeners, this album draws them into compelling ambient compositions, situating them as subjects within a space containing them as well as the music.