TOMB MOLD: Fourth Album From Toronto Death Metal Outfit, The Enduring Spirit, Out Today Digitally On 20 Buck Spin; Physical Preorders Now Available Ahead Of October 13th Release

photos by Colin Medley

The Enduring Spirit, the fourth LP from Toronto, Ontario death metal outfit TOMB MOLD – and undoubtedly one of the most anxiously awaited metal albums of the year – is out today digitally through 20 Buck Spin, who now unveils physical preorders.

With four years away, a band with boundless creative energy, as TOMB MOLD is, was certain to expand the scope of their vision, and on The Enduring Spirit they’ve shaped a record with a cinematic environment that offers unlimited avenues of exploration, both for themselves and the listener.

The Enduring Spirit was recorded at Boxcar Sound Recording by Sean Pearson (Tomb Mold, Dream Unending), and mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Tomb Mold, Dream Unending, Kommand, Gravesend, Power Trip). The album’s artwork was handled by Jesse Jacobi who was also responsible for the Planetary Clairvoyance artwork, with additional artwork by Karmazid, layout and design by Chimère Noire, and photography by Colin Medley.

TOMB MOLD is a must-hear for any fan of Demilich, Death, Cynic, Convulse, Nile, Demigod, Ulthar, Lunar Chamber, Atheist, Carcass, Watchtower, Obliveon, Undeath, Blood Incantation, Vastum, or Horrendous.

Stream TOMB MOLD’s The Enduring Spirit today on all digital providers including YouTube HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

The Enduring Spirit will see a physical release on October 13th, on CD, CS, and both LP and the label’s first picture disc LP ever. Both vinyl versions include a four-panel insert and huge 36×24-inch poster. Find preorders and merch at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Release shows for the new album take place tonight in Toronto and tomorrow in Montreal Watch for additional live activities to be announced shortly.

TOMB MOLD The Enduring Spirit Release Shows:
9/15/2023 Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON w/ Undeath, Outer Heaven
9/16/2023 Foufounes Électriques – Montréal, QC w/ Outer Heaven, Serpent Corpse

After releasing three albums in three years and then spending the next four years in the wilderness, TOMB MOLD has been reborn on their fourth album, The Enduring Spirit, a thoroughly unabashed step into vast new territories. Yet for all its frenetic daring and audacious exploration, The Enduring Spirit is never anything other than unmistakably TOMB MOLD.

While the expanding TOMB MOLD architecture could be heard on last year’s self-released Aperture Of Body tape, particularly on final track “Prestige Of Rebirth,” it comes into clear focus throughout The Enduring Spirit. Certainly, Derrick Vella’s time creating within and expanding the doom genre in Dream Unending has seeped into the flesh of TOMB MOLD, not to mention Payson Power and Max Klebanoff’s explorations in their own Daydream Plus project.

With album opener “The Perfect Memory (Phantasm Of Aura)” the band’s angular dimension shifting riffing appears right out of the gate as the track travels through varying degrees of progressive death metal and some of their most extreme material yet. “Will Of Whispers” enters with a jazz-like fantasy sequence before careening into a blinding white light barrage, tasteful guitar leads, and back to a dreamy serpentine pattern, encompassing entire universes in its nearly seven-minute runtime.

The back half of the record continues the voyage into what’s possible with the outward expansion of death metal norms, reaching the zenith of the eleven-plus-minute album closer “The Enduring Spirit Of Calamity,” an otherworldly journey into a vortex where all things converge in space and time and generating the tree of life via luminous celestial composition.

Max Klebanoff – drums, vocals
Derrick Vella – guitar, bass
Payson Power – guitar