Today Begins The WHITE MICE Maxximum Ganjahovahdrive Tour

The WHITE MICE Maxximum Ganjahovahdrive Tour 2010 kicks off today in the band’s locale of Providence, Rhode Island. From there the blood encrusted, furry savages will infest and pillage the country for the next month and a half, bringing their vomitous, psychotically-entrancing apocalyptic hymns about Cheesus and such to the masses, including a massive headfuckfest in the southwest, as they invade SXSW for a plethora of shows.

When asked to describe their sound In a recent interview, WHITE MICE drummer Phallusturd Scrowleak spouts “Diehearearrock is what wee call it. Grate music to Commit Sin to, others might attempt name us butt there is only one true name, of which can only be produced by the screaming flatulence of 666 demons breaking winds of 666 different tones and can only be heard by the whoreshippers of Cheesus Miced the lard and slaviour.”

Maxximum Ganjahovahdrive Tour 2010:
3/10/2010 AS220 – Providence, RI w/ Fuzz Orchestra, Stress Ape
3/14/2010 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH w/ Tinsel Teeth, Liturgy, Stress Ape,
3/15/2010 The Mopery – Chicago, IL w/ Liturgy, Tinsel Teeth, Cacaw
3/16/2010 Camp Concentration – St. Louis, MO w/ Tinsel Teeth, Liturgy
3/17/2010 The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK w/ Tinsel Teeth, Liturgy, Black Cobra
3/18/2010 Mouse of Tinnitus – Denton, TX w/ Tinsel Teeth, Liturgy, Nite Shadez
3/19/2010 1111 – Austin, TX Saucedo – 4PMouseparty
3/19/2010 Headhunter’s – Austin, TX | SXSW 20 Buck Spin/Profound Lore showcase w/ Liturgy, Endless Blockade, Coffinworm, Salome, Yakuza
3/19/2010 “2 AM @ Lamar Bridge” – Austin, TX
3/20/2010 Okay Mountain – Austin, TX
3/20/2010 Club 1880 – Austin, TX | Load Rec’s Showcase w/ Tinsel Teeth, Drunkdriver, Todd, Pigeon Religion
3/21/2010 Brofest 2010 – Doublewide Bar – Dallas, TX w/ Tinsel Teeth, Liturgy +many more
3/22/2010 Ambitious Loser Fest – OZ Cafe – Wichita, KS
3/23/2010 Rhinoceropolis – Denver, CO
3/25/2010 V.A.C. – Boise, ID w/ Uzula, Micro Babies, For Fuck’s Sake
3/26/2010 The Josephine – Seattle, WA
3/28/2010 The Know – Portland, OR w/ Lesbian
3/29/2010 The Tube – Portland, OR w/ The Ramjac, Lesbian
3/30/2010 The Hub – Sacramento, CA w/ Mom, Nuclear Death Wish
3/31/2010 21 Grand – Oakland, CA w/ Lesbian, Nuclear Death Wish
4/01/2010 Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA w/ Lesbian, Nuclear Death Wish, CCR Headcleaner
4/02/2010 Women of Crenshaw – Los Angeles, CA
4/03/2010 Mountain Bar – Los Angeles, CA w/ Lesbian
4/04/2010 The Tribe – Phoenix, AZ w/ Pigeon Religion, Melted Cassettes
4/05/2010 tba – Tucson, Az
4/06/2010 Mohawk – Austin, TX
4/07/2010 Super Happy Funland – Houston, TX w/ Useless Children, Golden Axe
4/08/2010 Schiller Street – Little Rock, AR
4/09/2010 Little Hamilton Collective – Nashville, TN w/ MLU, Suffering Bastard, No Compassion, Laser Slut
4/10/2010 CFBG’s – Greensboro, NC w/ Mutant League, Three Brained Robot, Suffering Bastard
4/11/2010 The Juggling Gypsy – Wilmington, NC w/ Suffering Bastard, Food World, Caucasians, Khnum
4/12/2010 The Nightlight – Chapel Hill, NC w/ Suffering Bastard, Cheezface, Ex-Monkeys, Nuss
4/13/2010 The Triple – Richmond, VA w/ Suffering Bastard
4/14/2010 *TBA – Philadelphia w/ Suffering Bastard
4/15/2010 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD w/ Suffering Bastard, Fourth Horseman
4/16/2010 Shea Stadium – Brooklyn, NY w/ Liturgy, Suffering Bastard
4/19/2010 Charlie’s Kitchen – Boston, MA w/ MLU, Rotten Apples, Crazy Dreams
4/20/2010 17 Mules – Providence, RI w/ Useless Children, MLU, Holy Sheet and more

The WHITE MICE’s recent release Ganjahovahdose [their 6th official full-length, amidst a sea of other splits, EPs and releases] was their debut for gourmet underground noisemonger 20 Buck Spin. Mixed by Ken “HiWatt” Marshall (Skinny Puppy), the unclassifiable beast of a release has since raped the media and thrill-seeking noisemetal purists’ playlists, supporting the crew’s constant live savagery since it’s latter 2009 release, making this springtime tour the ultimate breeding ground for all to succumb to the bestial delight of these disease spreading vermin.

“We’re talking the scabby riffs of Buzzov*en, the rhythmic eccentricities of Lightning Bolt and the psychedelic clutter of a shotgun full of mescaline.” – Decibel

“…White Mice find their way to catchy antiriffs that emphasize tight grooves even when roared and echoed vocals slur all over them.” – All Music Guide

“They’ve been categorized as industrial, noise, art rock and noisegrind. Perhaps a better description would be unclassifiable.” –

“These masked vermin are back with their sixth record and remain too metal for their old home at Load Records, but way too noisy and fucked-up for any self respecting metalhead – which makes them perfect for 20 Buck Spin.” – The Montreal Mirror