TOAD: Blackened Death ‘N’ Roll Assassins Premiere New Track Via Pitchfork

Today the evil-doers at Pitchfork bring forth “Howling House,” from Phoenix blackened death ‘n’ roll assassins, TOAD (Take Over And Destroy). The smoldering tune comes by way of the band’s mammoth Endless Night LP, set for release on June 25, 2013.

Featuring five cold, cavernous, groove-strewn anthems of chaos and disenchantment, the creation of Endless Night was beleaguered by various bouts of adversity and turmoil including lost rehearsal spaces, run-ins with the law, disease and death. It was those tumultuous factors however that provided a perverse supply of inspiration resulting in what is inarguably TOAD‘s more profound and sickly absorbing creation to date.

Notes Pitchfork: “TOAD stick close to their dual strengths, dishing out sludgy doom and bludgeoning black metal in near-equal measure. There’s a strong groove coursing within their veins, though, and they’re not afraid to dial down the brutality in favor of a rollicking beat and a strong element of horror, underlined by Pete Porter’s moody organ playing. It rears its ugly head on ‘Howling House,’ a creepy, dark carnival ride into the unknown whose doomy black’n’roll is powered by raspy gang chants, Nate Garrett’s wailing riffs, and a truly monstrous rhythm section.”

Witness “Howling House” at THIS LOCATION.

Endless Night was captured by returning producer/engineer Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, Arizona, who worked with the band previously on their mammoth Rotten Tide EP, and offers up a strikingly grim cover by Sean R. Williams (Animetalphysical). The offering serves as the follow-up to the Rotten Tide EP, released independently in 2012. Called “angry, loud and wonderfully brash,” by This Is Not A Scene and fittingly commended for coming off like “the bastard son of Entombed with its spit-in-your-eye attitude and brash swagger,” by The Sleeping Shaman, TOAD is currently preparing for a worldwide takeover. Stay tuned for live rituals and further band related announcements.

In the meantime, preorder Endless Night, which comes in 180 gram vinyl with a gatefold layout at THIS LOCATION (Preorders come accompanied by various exclusive pieces of TOAD propaganda; you have been warned.)

“Night time evokes conflicting reactions within the human psyche. As primitive man witnessed the sunset he felt intrigued and thrilled, but most importantly he felt afraid. His terror served to protect him from the chaos and danger of the unknown. The same animalistic fear of the dark remains within us today, though it has migrated into the subconscious. Endless Night exploits both our aversion and attraction to the darkness. Recorded over the course of a full moon and All Hallow’s Eve of 2012, these songs swirl and creep with sinister melodies, then strike with violent hooks. The album is simultaneously exciting and permeating with horror. Our ancestors relied upon the warmth and light of fire to guard them at night. This record captures the dread of that fire being extinguished forever.” — TOAD