TOAD: Arizona Blackened Death Rock Hooligans Unleash Endless Night In Its Entirety Via Invisible Oranges

In hedonistic celebration of the release of TOAD‘s Endless Night LP, today the maniacal metal ministry at Invisible Oranges/Brooklyn Vegan summon forth a full stream of the EP’s five compelling hymns.

Captured by returning producer/engineer Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, Arizona, who worked with the band previously on their mammoth Rotten Tide EP, Endless Night‘s dexterous blackened/death/punk/rock fusion has earned critical accolades nationally. Notes the New Noise in a perfect 5/5 rating, “What we’ve got here is a group of gentlemen who don’t want to just mix punk and black metal a la Kvelertak, but who want to mix punk with black metal and trippy atmospheres, plus give it a real kick of sludge and make the whole thing as acidic as it is melodic.”Adds Pitchfork upon first listen, “TOAD stick close to their dual strengths, dishing out sludgy doom and bludgeoning black metal in near-equal measure. There’s a strong groove coursing within their veins, though, and they’re not afraid to dial down the brutality in favor of a rollicking beat and a strong element of horror, underlined by Pete Porter’s moody organ playing.” The Sludgelord agrees, “TOAD are the real deal in black ‘n’ roll… Endless Night is dark, scary, twisted and full of great riffs to head-bang/rock out to,” while Metal Insider opines, “TOAD have been able to harness all that power and primitive force that surrounds them into six tracks of blackened death ‘n’ roll. At certain points they are channeling the same evil that bands like Satyricon and Vreid are espousing. Yet unlike their European counterparts this band has a slightly more welcoming view on experimentation, for example, going so far as to harness ’70s goth and occult rock influences…”

Believe the hype. Check out Endless Nights at THIS LOCATION.

Endless Night is available in 180 gram vinyl with a gatefold layout HERE.