THROAT Track From (We’ve Got) FIENDS IN LOW PLACES: Heavy Vibes Internationale Compilation Playing At The Obelisk

At the beginning of February, the Eolian Empire hive will further uglify the planet with the label’s thirtieth title, and their first international compilation, (We’ve Got) FIENDS IN LOW PLACES: Heavy Vibes Internationale cassette, and through the aid of The Obelisk, the comp’s gnarly tune by Finland’s THROAT has been hacked up.

Get ready to call your otolaryngologist today, as the fourth of fifteen head-shredders on (We’ve Got) FIENDS IN LOW PLACES clogs up your works, courtesy of THROAT. The Finnish act’s filthy and oppositely-titled contribution to the comp, “Clean Cleaner” scuzzes up the airwaves with five minutes of hardcore caustic crushology that devotees of Unsane, Hammerhead, Tad and Burning Love will inhale. Or, as The Obelisk spits it in their exclusive broadcast of the track, “What comes across initially somewhere between Rollins-era Black Flag and squibbly grunge shifts into increasingly malevolent purposes as the five minutes plays out, finally arriving – via feedback – at a thrillingly excruciating, tube-melting crawl that makes up most of the song’s second half before closing out. Most impressive is the fluidity of the tempo shift, and how THROAT don’t stop, don’t play it up. How they just slow the fuck down, riff out and work hard to make it sound as vicious as possible. It’s one of more than several admirable examples of genre transmigration on (We’ve Got) Fiends in Low Places, but as a general example of what the powers behind Eolian are into, I think it works well to show there’s more to do with noise than simply beating listeners over the head with it.”

Choke on THROAT’s “Clean Cleaner” RIGHT HERE.

Also get the ripening comp opener from the UK’s MEADOWS and their “I Am Gobshite” at Noisey HERE.

FIENDS IN LOW PLACES will see digital release and on cassette in a run of 333 copies including a download card on February 3rd, 2015. Preorders for the tape are live HERE.

(We’ve Got) FIENDS IN LOW PLACES is the sequel and companion compilation to Eolian’s (We’ve Gotta) KEEP OUR HEADS: Heavy Vibes from Portland, Oregon, which featured twenty-six heavy Portland bands. Like on KEEP OUR HEADS, the “fiends” on FIENDS IN LOW PLACES were drawn from friends playing off-the-wall heavy music in overlapping scenes, scenes this time spread throughout the world. This special collection marks a new low for the Eolian horde, since the entire roster to date has yielded only Portland-centric audio carnage, while FIENDS IN LOW PLACES features fifteen of the Eolian clan’s caustic cronies from around the globe. A gnarled calling card with more than fifty minutes of audio, these fifteen stark, aggressive, noise-laden tunes are worked over with smarts and wicked humor on this compilation of exclusive tracks, with contributions from THROAT (Finland), ARABROT (Norway), HEALTH PROBLEMS (USA), MoE (Finland), THE GREAT SABATINI (Canada), DEAD (Australia), BASTARD OF THE SKIES (England), HOMBRE MALO (Norway), SAME-SEX DICTATOR (USA), TEEPH (USA), CYBERNE (Japan), TIMEKILLER (Brazil), ELEPHANT RIFLE (USA), BATPISS (Australia), and MEADOWS (England), a wild trip through twisted noise rock, bludgeoning sludge, psychotic metal, blackened hardcore, and damaged punk, with each act’s warped worldview in full effect. It’s good to know one can find pigfucking goodness all around the world.