THINNING THE HERD Drop Intoxicating Video From Upcoming Album

New York City rock/sludge trio THINNING THE HERD have unfurled a brand new self-released video from their pending third full-length, Freedom From The Known, the album recorded over the Summer by Steve Albini.

With December 21st, 2012 now confirmed as the street date for Freedom From The Known, THINNING THE HERD‘s psychedelic self-released video for the opening track from the album, “Never Wanted,” brings some fun and shame and good old fashioned filth back to rock without a dribble of pretentiousness. Stated stoner/rock/metal portal The Obelisk about the new visual depiction of the track: “Some videos just have it all, man. Drug innuendo, psychedelic booty dancing, a swirling drummer, tripped out ’90s-type digital effects, Orange stacks, the Buddha. The list goes on.”

As with all previous releases from THINNING THE HERD, Freedom From The Known will be set loose on the band’s own Saint Marks Records.

12/08/2012 Trash Bar – Brooklyn, NY @ Dime Bag Tribute w/ members of Soulfly