THE WINCHESTER CLUB and CONNY OCHS: May Releases From Exile On Mainstream

German purveyors of eclectic rock and doom from all ends of the spectrum, Exile On Mainstream Records, are prepared to drop brand new releases from CONNY OCHS and THE WINCHESTER CLUB in North America on the third of May, 2011.

Raw Love Songs, the debut album from talented German singer/songwriter CONNY OCHS, showcases ten anthems from the solo artist, his heartfelt folk-driven rock, deeply influenced by the traditions of great American songwriters like Woodie Guthrie, Robert Johnson and Tim Buckley, expressed through OCHS‘ unique, eerie style. Having recently completed a nine-week European tour with Scott “Wino” Weinrich earlier this year, CONNY OCHS has also been collaborating directly with Wino on other recordings, set for release throughout this year and into next.

Several tracks from Raw Love Songs are available for public consumption at CONNY OCHS‘ official website. Click here to delve into the hymns now.

Raw Love Songs Track Listing:
1. Stampede, Stampede
2. Lily Of The Valley
3. Angels And Demons
4. Good House
5. Don’t Know Her Name
6. Pawnshop
7. Burn Burn Burn
8. Ghost Dog
9. Waiting For The Monster
10. Traces And Traps

The sophomore album from London-based avant/ambient rock outfit THE WINCHESTER CLUB is set for North American release on May 3, 2011. Entitled Negative Liberty, the new album takes the band’s patented postrock-inspired jams to new levels of cinematic, ambient awesomeness. Conceptually, Negative Liberty follows the concept of freedom in modern society, deeply inspired by Adam Curtis’s highly acclaimed documentary series The Trap. THE WINCHESTER CLUB‘s lineup is comprised of members of notable London underground stalwarts such as End Of Level Boss, Hangnail and Chineseburn, and their debut album Britannia Triumphant which was limited to 1200 copies, sold out in Europe in under three weeks.

Stream the ENTIRE NEW ALBUM at the band’s official website here!

Negative Liberty Track Listing:
1. Fuck You Buddy
2. The Lonely Robot
3. RD Laing (Little Chemical Straightjackets)
4. The End of History
5. Negative Liberty