THE RUINS OF BEVERAST: Official North American Release Date

Germany’s Ván Records is proud to announces the unleashing of Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite, the third full-length from THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, to North American audiences this spring. The album was released in Europe mid-September 2009, and immediately became the most critically-acclaimed TROB album to date. Now with the help of Ván countrymen AFM Records’ North American distribution, TROB’s devouring work will be properly distributed to North American audiences.

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST is the solo project of Alexander von Meilenwald, known as the ultra-fast, maniacally technical drummer of famed German horde Nagelfar, as well as being a live and/or session member of Truppensturm, Abusus, Verdunkeln and other kult acts. The band has constantly astounded audiences on every release – including 2004’s Unlock The Shrine, 2006’s Rain Upon The Impure, a split EP with Urfaust and a 4-way split LP with Deathgate Arkanum, Nihil Nocturne and Anti – each album showcasing more forward-thinking progression and more creatively constructed aggression than the last.

Meilenwald fully self-constructs every element of TROB, taking the veracity and creativity of his brutal percussion, axemanship and synth-laden atmospheres to otherworldly levels on Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite, and pushing the album to the limits with a massive play time of nearly an hour and twenty minutes! The end result is far more involved and intriguing than a simple black metal release; the thunderous, explosive, unnerving, epic and brilliantly frightening album is easily one of the most flooring and unique releases in recent metal history.

Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite track listing:
01. I Raised This Stone As A Ghastly Memorial 10:32
02. Alu 0:51
03. God’s Ensanguined Bestiaries 8:33
04. Mount Sinai Moloch 12:28
05. Transcending Saturnine Iericho Skies 0:47
06. Kain’s Countenance Fell 8:38
07. The Restless Mills 12:10
08. Theriak – Baal – Theriak 1:22
09. Blood Vaults (II – Our Despots Cleanse The Levant) 9:19
10. Arcane Pharmakon Messiah 15:15

North American journalists contact Earsplit PR for all inquiries on THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, including promos of the new release, and email interviews with mastermind Meilenwald.

“… one of those rare acts that transcends music and becomes true art, and with his third album, has cemented his status in the elite category of artists.” 10/10 –

“Ambient, ethereal segments soothe the burn of crushing, bleak black metal. This is a beautiful release, from start to finish. Melodic without being annoyingly soft, brutal while still retaining hefty listenability, cruel and discordant without apologizing.” –