The new digital release from New York City-based doom/rock outfit THE RESURRECTION SORROW, the meager yet massive three-song The Scorpion Savior Sessions, is now available via iTunes.

While The Scorpion Savior Sessions is only a taste of what the band are working on these days — as the band write and build up to their next full-length album, set for release later this year — the EP stands on its own merit as well, reaping great reviews from media outlets and zines internationally over recent weeks. Recent footage of THE RESURRECTION SORROW performing one of the new tracks, “Scorpion Savior,” at a hometown NYC show in June below.

Review copies of The Scorpion Savior Sessions as well as interviews with the members of THE RESURRECTION SORROW are available via email and phone. Summon an Earsplit ninja to carry out all coverage requests, and stay tuned for more updates on the forthcoming album over the weeks ahead.

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“…it’s immediately obvious that this is a band who aren’t comfortable staying in the same ballpark as before and are looking to expand their sonic palette. 4/5” – Onemetal

“…a band that clearly has a grip on the sound they want to play, and they execute it to near perfection. The songs are addicting and often hypnotizing or abrasive, and just show off a great deal of promise from the group. 9/10” – Apoch’s Metal Review

“As a hybrid of classic proto-metal, doom and thrash the band is both heavy and catchy all at once with cool melodic elements at play.” – Metal Army America

“…thick and heavy grooves, a heaviness that summons the Heavy Metal spirit that our beloved genre was built upon.” – Metal Odyssey

“It has been two years since their debut The Hour of the Wolf and if these samples are anything to go by, The Resurrection Sorrow can look forward to spreading their repertoire and fan base wider.” – Alternative Matter