THE KENNEDY VEIL: Full Album From California Death Metal Assassins Now Streaming At This Is Not A Scene; Band Announces Decimating The West Spring Tour

In celebration of its official unveiling tomorrow and following previous track premieres with Revolver and Stereokiller, today This Is Not A Scene is streaming Trinity Of Falsehood, the forthcoming new full-length from Sacramento death metal assassins, THE KENNEDY VEIL, in its entirety!

Applauded for their torrid brand of “no-frills, modern death metal… heavily rooted in the speed and technicality of Origin and the fury of Decapitated,” in a near perfect review from Dead Rhetoric, THE KENNEDY VEIL‘s Trinity Of Falsehood was produced by Nick Botelho at NB Recording in Santa Rosa, California and features the debut of new throat Taylor Wientjes, alongside bassist Shawn Patrick Peterso, guitarist KC Childers (ex-Forktung) and drummer Gabe Seeber (Alterbeast, Decrepit Birth, ex-Wretched Dawn). Merging the teachings of DM pioneers like Deicide, Morbid Angel and Suffocation with the more refined, brain-twisting aggression of groups like Origin, Psycroptic and Decapitated, together TKV incite their own punishing brand of high-paced, intricately arranged death metal. No throwbacks, no breakdowns, no wanking, no trends.

Elabortes Seeber of their latest offering, “The past two years leading up to this release have been rough, but very beneficial for TKV. From the departure of our previous vocalist to the recording of Trinity Of Falsehood, there was a long period of downtime where we were just seeking the right person to complete the band. We tried out a lot of great vocalists and wound up with the perfect guy to complement our sound and help push us further along the path we’ve only just begun to carve. By the time Taylor joined, the album was already written, minus a handful of lyrics. So we immediately started pushing to finally complete the album and get it recorded and into production. We all feel that Trinity… is a huge step forward from our self-release (The Sentence of Their Conqueror), and a big step in the right direction for where we are taking things in the future. We are still just getting started, and are extremely excited to finally have this album pressed and ready to be heard!”

Crack your cranium to the sounds of Trinity Of Falsehood at THIS LOCATION.

In other THE KENNEDY VEIL related news, the band kicked off what is expected to be a solid year of live assaults this past Friday. Following a special record release bash slated to take place this Tuesday on their home turf of Sacramento, the band take on the Decimating The West Spring 2014 Tour. Presented by Rock the Nation USA, Unique Leader Records, Extreme Management Group, Inc. and RebelPyro Management, the ten-date journey will commence on February 27th and find THE KENNEDY VEIL sharing the stage with Arkaik and Lord Of War.

THE KENNEDY VEIL Live Assaults 2014:
1/20/2014 Ouija Club – San Francisco, CA w/ Cyanic, Inanimate Existence, Alterbeast
1/21/2014 On The Y – Sacramento, CA *Official CD Release Show*
w/ Arkaik, Lord Of War
2/27/2014 Rock Shop – San Jose, CA
2/28/2014 Jub Jub’s – Reno, NV
3/01/2014 Big T’s – Redmond, OR
3/02/2014 The Hop – Spokane, WA
3/04/2014 The Roxy – Denver, CO
3/05/2014 The Gasworks – Albuquerque, NM
3/06/2014 Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix, AZ
3/07/2014 Royal Dive – San Diego, CA
3/08/2014 Blacklight District – Long Beach, CA
3/09/2014 Slidebar – Fullerton, CA

THE KENNEDY VEIL has thrown down the death metal gauntlet for years to come. Trinity Of Falsehood is a scorcher…” – Dead Rhetoric

“The high speed and furious intensity that the band provides on Trinity of Falsehood easily reminds one of band’s such as Hour of Penance, Psycroptic and Origin, and this especially so with the ease of fusion of technicality, brutality and melody…,” – Heavy Metal Tribune

“The thing that… separates THE KENNEDY VEIL from the pack is the fact that there are definite hooks among the relentless displays of technical prowess…” –

“Combining an undercurrent of evil with the new-school ideal for technicality, THE KENNEDY VEIL really exemplifies what modern death metal is/should be moving towards… This is the type of death metal you happily put on repeat.” — Decoy Music

Trinity Of Falsehood will be released worldwide on January 21, 2014 via Unique Leader Records. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION.