THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL: Headbangers Ball To Premiere “Lords Of War” Video This Monday!

On Monday night, at 3:00AM ET/PT, Headbangers Ball will debut “Lords Of War,” the latest video from Rhode Island metal brigade THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL. “Lords Of War” is the second track off the band’s full-length debut, Awaken, set for release this Tuesday, October 12, via Restricted Release. Said bassist Nick Sollecito of the debut, “It’s crazy to think that this little DIY band has been given the chance to be broadcast on MTV. I think it’s inspiring to know that a band doesn’t need major label support anymore to play in the same league as the big guns.”

Formed in 2008, THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL’s eclectic sound is rooted in metal/hardcore with the band citing luminaries At The Gates, Meshuggah, and Edge of Sanity as major inspiration. The band, featuring Sollecito, guitarists Jake Davenport and De Lisle, drummer Jeff Pitts, and former Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach, also draw heavily from their combined interests in jazz, punk, and experimental music. The band’s lyrics are fueled by political outrage; a passion that forms the backbone of the band and sets them apart from their peers.

“…a powerhouse of a record, crackling with intensity.” — Hails & Horns

“…a vast arsenal of aural weaponry.” — The PRP

“…a challenging and enjoyable album that will keep your interest from start to finish.”