The DRX: First Single “Ancient Lie”, From Nefarious Industries-Bound Throughout Within, Premiered At BrooklynVegan

the-drx-03-img_8827-photo-by-michelle-johnsen[photo by Michelle Johnsen]

BrooklynVegan is hosting the exclusive premiere of “Ancient Lie,” the first single to be issued from the epic concept album, Throughout Within, by The DRX, which is impending December release through Nefarious Industries.

The New York based avant-rock powerhouse The DRX, led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Romans, has birthed its cathartic magnum opus, Throughout Within. The dense, fifty-seven minute motific concept album, effuses lush, emotive sound that expands upon and surpasses the despondent tone and dynamic intensity of previous albums, The Deepening Hole (2011) and Thesis (2009). Throughout Within was recorded by Jon Grabowski, recorded and mixed by Tyler Hartman, mastered by Carl Saff (Grails, Young Widows), and features musical contributions from Ryan Hare (The Riot Oak), Ed Rosenberg III (Jerseyband, Glue Gun Optimism), Tim Byrnes (Hazel-Rah, Kayo Dot, Stern), Sarah Fylak (Beauchene Skulls), Marie Kim (Blank Paper), Dean Capper, Emily Peal (Pale Gloom, Westeryear), Michelle Silver (The Riot Oak), Arone Dyer (Buke & Gase), Chuck Stern (Stern), and Ron Varod (Kayo Dot, Psalm Zero). The cover art for Throughout Within was illustrated by Nico Mazza.

BrooklynVegan premieres the first single from Throughout Within, “Ancient Lie,” noting, “The DRX mixes harsh, metal-influenced vocals with proggy compositions and an array of hard left turns on the politically-charged song. We get electronics, thundering hardcore, noisy post-punk, horns, choral arrangements, a huge range of sounds.”

Stream “Ancient Lie” at BrooklynVegan RIGHT HERE.

Dan Romans, the composer and lyricist of The DRX, comments on the track: “Ancient Lie” is about how masses of people have blindly obeyed corrupt authority for millennia and manifested an attitude characterized by denial, ignorance and apathy. The song’s lyrics, as well as the narrative of Throughout Within, are presently relevant as racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, violence, oppression, greed and abuse of power become increasingly rife in our society. As evidenced by the recent red sweep of our governing bodies and the election of Donald Trump as this nation’s leader, our society is saturated with those that welcome the evocation of a repressive and discriminatory neofascist regime. Betwixt the oppressive powers that be and the blind obedient masses, many individuals already have suffered, for a long time. Fear is poised to conquer, unless people become aware and act towards betterment and harmony. The rise of benevolence, forgiveness, empathy and reverence is needed to repudiate the ancient lie.”

Nefarious Industries will release The DRX‘s Throughout Within digitally on December 30th; preorder bundles including custom packaged and hand-numbered CDs of the first two DRX releases, Thesis and The Deepening Hole–both in in extremely limited quantities–plus a hand-numbered poster of each album’s cover art, including Throughout Within, are available HERE.

Throughout Within‘s seven seamless songs (which are presented as nine tracks) are marked by recurring motifs, engaging feel, clever structure, compelling verses, and bold choruses that engross the mind and entice repetition. Inspired composition, meticulous arrangements, and beautiful production form the unique and enthralling character of Throughout Within. Impassioned vocals, contrapuntal leads, and a pulsing rhythm section produce powerful harmonies, memorable melodies; complex, rousing rhythms, and commanding grooves. Dynamics and tension are expertly employed to shape a grand performance that traverses haunting, intimate passages of horns, strings and voice; moving choral passages, riveting polyrhythmic full-band riffs, brutal breakdowns, and heart-crushing, anthemic cadences. The core instrumentation of Throughout Within includes voice, tenor saxophone, keyboard, electric guitar, synth bass, and drum set, with several songs supplemented by additional instrumentation including clarinet, trumpet, flugelhorn, bass saxophone, violin, cello, electric cello, and choir. Subtle drones and sonic elements add breadth and visceral deepening to the resplendent ensemble. The poignant narrative of Throughout Within relates a human rumination on existence, socially and spiritually. The lyrics convey an observation of, and commentary on: oppression, the many forms of modern, inconspicuous slavery; irresponsibility, denial, fear, depression, disconnection, anger, shame, and ultimately, perspective and unity.