THE CVLT NATION SESSIONS: Latest Installment Of Compilation Series Now Playing With Entombed’s Left Hand Path

CVLT Nation is pleased to share the next in their series of underground classic compilations — THE CVLT NATION SESSIONS — with Entombed’s Left Hand Path. This epic and groundbreaking Swedeath release turns thirty years old this year. In its honor, the curators at Cvlt Nation have assembled one of their most pulverizing tributes to date. The collection includes covers from Cruor Vexillum, Disburial, Muscipula, Whipstriker, Neolithic, Grave Infestation, Insineratehymn, Frozen Soul, Pig’s Blood, and Grinding Fear.

Stream/download THE CVLT NATION SESSIONS: Entombed’s Left Hand Path at or the Cvlt Nation Bandcamp Page.

THE CVLT NATION SESSIONS: Entombed’s Left Hand Path Track Listing:
Left Hand Path – Cruor Vexillum
Drowned – Disburial
Revel In Flesh – Muscipula
When Life Has Ceased – Whipstriker
Supposed To Rot – Neolithic
But Life Goes On – Grave Infestation
Bitter Loss – Insineratehymn
Morbid Devourment – Frozen Soul
Abnormally Deceased – Pig’s Blood
The Truth Beyond – Grinding Fear

THE CVLT NATION SESSIONS is a musical project with the aim of reinterpreting iconic music that has influenced a wide spectrum of genres, while also expanding the audience for the participating bands. CVLT Nation has recruited some of its favorite underground heavy bands from around the world to record covers for free distribution and download via All the mastering is done by Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee.