THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND: Black Death Industrial Outfit To Release Third Full-Length This Fall


Long-running, Los Angeles-based black death industrial necromancers THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND are set to release their third full-length, Necrochasm, through a partnership with Husk and Prison Tatt Records.

Necrochasm is an unforgiving, seven-track nightmare of sonic ungodliness; a true manifestation of fear, apprehension, and suffocating paranoia. Featuring contributions from Samantha Viola of T.O.M.B., Dreadlords, and Skulsyr, the disharmonic masterwork was captured at Black Blood Studios in Long Beach, California and Hollydale Asylum, in Downey, California. Necrochasm will be unleashed on October 28th, 2016 on 12″ vinyl and digitally via THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND‘s official Bandcamp page.

Necrochasm Track Listing:

  1. Garden Of Mutilated Saints
  2. Mortuum
  3. Slave
  4. She Who Cannot Be Saved
  5. Venereal Liturgy
  6. Hall Of 1000 Degradations
  7. Whore Ov The Black Sun

Forged in 2000, THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND (aka T.B.S.U.), whose split with T.O.M.B. last year made substantial waves within the black metal/noise communities, fuses harsh noise, industrial, ambient, and black metal elements to create their deafeningly sinister, occult-ridden magick. With a dedicated and expanding fan base and endorsements from the like of Watain’s Erik Danielsson and Trepaneringsritualen’s Thomas Martin Ekelund among many others, T.B.S.U. has generated an extensive catalog of releases including splits with such genre heavyweights as Richard Ramirez/Werewolf Jerusalem, The Vomit Arsonist, The Haters, Demonologists, Actuary, and Endometrium Cuntplow.

T.B.S.U. is the brainchild of world-renowned tattoo artist/musician, Joe Truck, inker to many of black metal and industrial music royalty. Truck, who’s been a staple within the NYC deathrock/punk and goth scenes since 1979, has performed in bands with members of Swans, Einsturzende Neubauten, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Snakefinger, and Samhain. Truck is also the founding member and guitarist in New York City-based 1982 goth act Scarecrow.

THE BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND has my full support for being a malevolent anomaly in US and more specifically Californian subculture, upholding the traditions of the old harsh noise scene. ” — Erik Danielsson, Watain