THE ANTIKAROSHI: German Experimental Post-Hardcore Trio Releases Theatrical “Gravity” Video; Sixth LP, L’inertie Polaire, Out Now Through Exile On Mainstream Records

Following the unveiling of their sixth LP, L’inertie Polaire, released through Exile On Mainstream Records less than two weeks ago, Potsdam, Germany-based trio THE ANTIKAROSHI today issues an official video for the album’s opening song, “Gravity.”

THE ANTIKAROSHI is heavily rooted in D.C. punk and hardcore, while shooting forth rays into many genres by acting completely independent, both musically and politically. The result is music both surprising and overwhelming. The band was established in this self-motivated manner free of external influence, uniting Christoph Hennig (vocals, guitar, electronics), Dirk Hoffman (vocals, bass, electronics), and Andre Pautz (drums). The trio is the antithesis to convention. What happens in their music is an organic amalgamation – they furrow, trench, delve, and breathe through whatever calls to express their music. Classifications such as jazz, electronica, noise rock, post rock, post-hardcore, post-punk are all too constraining.

Album number six from THE ANTIKAROSHI, L’inertie Polaire continues exactly where its predecessor Extract.Transform.Debase. left off; songs that take their time to breathe, only to start up again frantically the next moment and indulge in the noise. Their volume is always a means to an end, but overall, it’s about dragging you into the moment. While the drums and bass prove to be the foundation and yet try to break through the all too familiar, the guitar is often hypnotic and imaginatively searching, while vocals consciously wander between spoken word-esque snapshots and contained phrases.

L’inertie Polaire was recorded and mixed between November 2023 and February 2024 by Nikolaus Schwab at Chaosaudio Potsdam, mastered and cut by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering Berlin, and completed with artwork by Matt Irwin (A Whisper In The Noise), and the song “Major Light” features guest appearances by Marco Henschke (guitar) and Judith Kuehne (spoken words).

“Gravity” marks the first official video for the album, an extremely theatrical, artistic, interpretive display of character-driven scenes playing out across the song’s duration. Featuring actors Daisy und Nelson, Ton und Kirschen Wandertheater, the video was filmed by René Reichert, edited by Georg Petzold, with lighting by Josch Siewert at Fabrik Potsdam, and audio by Chaos Audio Production.

Christoph Hennig states, “‘Gravity’ is the opening track of the album. The lyrics deal with the fact that people are still ignoring fundamental, proven basics for the further existence of humans on this planet. In a double sense, ‘Gravity’ can also be seen metaphorically, as some people in power are trying to overcome these physical laws and are already launching ‘heroic’ expeditions to unknown places. But maybe it’s just a poor attempt by the ‘chosen ones’ to leave through the back door, after having made their money by trampling on the aforementioned principles. Unfortunately, it’s not gravity that will stop them…”

Immerse yourself in THE ANTIKAROSHI’s “Gravity” video now at THIS LOCATION.

L’inertie Polaire is available on Black Vinyl LP with a bundled CD included via Exile On Mainstream HERE, and digitally via THE ANTIKAROSHI HERE. A Dolby Atmos version of the album is also available HERE.

Having recently participated in Exile On Mainstream 25 Festival, the 25th anniversary of the diverse label who has released every one of the band’s albums – playing alongside Ostinato, A Whisper In The Noise, End Of Level Boss, Bulbul, Conny Ochs, Darsombra, and more – THE ANTIKAROSHI is booking additional live performances in support of L’inertie Polaire. Watch for further updates to post shortly.

“The vocals and whole vibe are reminiscent of 31 Knots, Fugazi, and Dag Nasty collaborating on a union hall stage for a $5 show circa ’03.” – Everything Is Noise

“In contrast to its predecessor Extract.Transform.Debase, the album is perhaps a little less post-rock, but more of the hard-hitting DC school, which is noticeable in some rather rough passages. Especially in ‘Shiny White Teeth,’ which is full of punk charm. Gang shouts and straight songwriting are downright progressive by ANTIKAROSHI standards, as they usually move in much more playful spheres and like to let themselves go. But here a lot of things that had been building up had to come out. [translated from German] – Handwritten Mag

“…it’s a great amalgam. And in that sense, it is a perfect representation of that Exile On Mainstream stands for. Music between genre chairs. Music for lovers of a mix of many different genres of rock music. Music for people who like the alternative sounds of the ‘80s and ‘90s, which back then were already unusual and far away from the charts. Music for people who have exited the mainstream and went into Exile On Mainstream.” – Veil Of Sound

“…L’inertie Polaire has done on first listen what it’s becoming harder and harder to do in these high-velocity days; created an album in which to immerse yourself. And, maybe even more impressively, created a fan.” – Rebel Extravaganza