TELOCH VOVIN: Psalms Ov Khaos Singles Series Continues With Release Of “Liftoach Sitra Achra” For Winter Solstice Today

Teloch Vovin [photo by Hector Hex Tapia][photo by Hector Hex Tapia]

New York City black/death coven TELOCH VOVIN continues their extensive and ongoing Psalm Ov Khaos sequence, today issuing the ninth single in the series with “Psalm Ov Khaos IX–Liftoach Sitra Achra” on the Winter Solstice.

TELOCH VOVIN offers that “Psalm Ov Khaos IX–Liftoach Sitra Achra” is, “A formula for opening the gates to the Other Side, within and without,” the chant including, “Liftoach Sitra Achra thy Gates within and without open wide. I call to Thee! Shatter the Spheres which bind the Spirit to this side! Ateh Gibor le-olam Tiamat Pentagrammaton! I give Myself to Thee!”

Open the gate to Psalm Ov Khaos IX–Liftoach Sitra Achra” at TELOCH VOVIN’s Bandcamp HERE.

TELOCH VOVIN initiated the Psalms Ov Khaos series on the 2015 Winter Solstice, having released a new song in the sequence on each changing of the seasons since. The intent of the series is to shed further Black Light upon the electronic and ambient instrumentation and ritualistic elements of the band’s primal, occult black metal attack. The Psalms Ov Khaos series will continue, with new tracks being issued on the current quarterly seasonal shift schedule throughout the coming months until all eleven individual Psalms are released. This is when TELOCH VOVIN will amass the works onto a physical package, which will include individual pieces of art work for each Psalm for a disorientating dance with divine madness.

With two more impending singles needed to complete the series, the tenth installment of Psalms Ov Khaos will arrive on the Spring Equinox, March 20th, 2018.

In other news, early 2018 will finally see the release of the band’s split 12′ between TELOCH VOVIN and Florida-based Grave Gnosis, titled Transmissions, where each band will offer up one epic track on their side. Stand by for info and the release date to be announced in January.

Teloch Vovin - Psalm IX