TELOCH VOVIN: Decibel Magazine Premieres “A Dirge To The Death Ov Life, Love And Hope” Video From New York Black Metal Act; Band To Play Livestream With Malignancy And Sickbay Next Week

photo by Jessica Roberts

Decibel Magazine is hosting the exclusive premiere of TELOCH VOVIN‘s new video for their recent single, “A Dirge To The Death Ov Life, Love And Hope.”

New York City-based ritualistic black metal coven TELOCH VOVIN re-emerged in 2020 following major personnel shifts which resulted in an almost entirely new lineup. The collective has been diligently working on new material throughout 2020, issuing two new singles – “The Rite Ov The Harvest Pt 1: The Rite Ov The Reapers Blade” and “A Dirge To The Death Ov Life, Love And Hope.”

TELOCH VOVIN now presents an official video for “A Dirge To The Death Ov Life, Love And Hope,” meticulously and artistically directed and filmed by Elena Vasilaki. The band offers, “This song is a little bit different for TELOCH VOVIN in both its thematic focus and its musical content. The musical basis of this track is that of a blackened doom epic, with the beginning half being a wretched and hypnotizing musical assault on the senses and the latter half of the song features some amazing weeping and soaring lead guitar work from the bands lead guitarist C.0.S (main man of the band Wind’s Lord) over top of a doomy and epic bass refrain from the band’s bassist Saturnus. The lyrical content of the song is a direct reflection of witnessing the real life break down of someone close to the band coming apart at the seams while dealing with depression and alcohol abuse. The visual images of the video directly reflect lines from the lyrics encapsulating a night of total insanity and one’s total loss of control over oneself, put together as one the music, lyrics, and images to express a wretched soul bereft of any value found in one’s life. With this song, TELOCH VOVIN seeks to make the listener uncomfortable and feel the worthlessness of life itself; truly, ‘A Dirge To The Death Ov Life, Love And Hope!'”

Writes Decibel, “If you’re looking for a good bruising, the new song and video from TELOCH VOVIN delivers quite a doom-metal beating, with the added cutting power of black metal guitar tones.”

Immerse yourself in TELOCH VOVIN’s “A Dirge To The Death Ov Life, Love And Hope” first through Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

The band will also take part in their second livestream event in several months next week. In conjunction with Armageddon Productions, The Springtime Holocaust virtual concert will see TELOCH VOVIN joining Sickbay providing support for headliners Malignancy. The show is pro-filmed on multiple cameras and professionally engineered for maximum quality. Tune in to the FREE streaming event next Saturday, May 8th at 7:30pm ET at the Armageddon Productions Facebook page HERE.

TELOCH VOVIN is in the process of completing new material including a split album to be released later this year as well as a full-length album and other random releases to see release next year. Stand by for additional updates in the weeks ahead.