Take A Stand Against The Philadelphia Promoter Bill!

Take A Stand Against The Philadelphia Promoter Bill!

Please read this and tell EVERYONE you know if you care about live music in Philadelphia, If this passes, promoters in Philadelphia would cease to do business: http://citypaper.net/articles/2010/05/13/a-million-stories

SIGN THE PETITION AGAINST THE PHILADELPHIA PROMOTER BILL HERE: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/bill100267/

Stop by http://phillymetal.com/protest and fill out the form to send a pre-written email to the City Council President and two Councilmen who drafted the bill. It only takes a minute to read through and it is an extremely fast, easy way to get your voice heard. Write your own emails to anna.verna@phila.gov, Bill.Greenlee@phila.gov, and darrell.clarke@phila.gov to let them know what you think of the bill. You can also find their office numbers at this page: http://www.phila.gov/citycouncil/CouncilMembers.html

“Under the proposed rules, promoters would have to apply for a permit from the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) 30 days before every single event – meaning if you promote a weekly club night, that’s 52 permit applications per year. More than just a bureaucratic nightmare, this would all but abolish last-minute shows or pickup parties. These applications would have to include detailed security plans, the promoter’s business-privilege-license number, the venue’s capacity and the expected crowd. Perhaps most importantly, the bill would hold promoters liable for the actions of the crowds at the events they promote.

Additionally, the bill requires that every permit application include a copy of the contract between the venue and the promoter – in effect, making rental prices and rates for each individual promoter a matter of public record . To make matters worse, the cops can deny a permit for any reason and without explanation up to 10 days before the event – which could devastate businesses that fronted costs, to say nothing of destroying the credibility of those trying to book events.”

The Actual Bill: http://webapps.phila.gov/council/attachments/10044.pdf