TAAKE: New Song Stream Available At Hails And Horns


An exclusive premiere of “Dei Vil Alltid Klaga Og Kyta,” the seventh track off TAAKE‘s upcoming full-length, Noregs Vaapen, can be found today at Hails And Horns’ official website. Scheduled for release in North America via Candlelight Records on November 1, 2011, the near hour-long blackened epic was produced by Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Dead To This World, The Batallion, Helheim, Vulture Industries, etc.) and features guest appearances by Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone), Attila Csihar (Mayhem) and Demonaz (Immortal).

Check the track out HERE.

Called a “strong contender for black metal album of the year…” by MetalSucks, TAAKE have seamlessly refined their trademark black metal sound to include unpredictable black ‘n’ roll grooves, frigid mellotrons and Southern-inspired banjo, making Noregs Vaapen their most eclectic recording to date.

Noregs Vaapen should become TAAKE‘s staple release, the product of a band (or one man, rather) finally hitting its creative stride.” — Blistering

“…one of the most enjoyable black metal records I’ve heard in a long time.” — Angry Metal Guy

“I don’t know how to say how good this is other than you just have to check it out. It’s got all the right elements to take TAAKE to the next level while still keeping their sound pretty trve to their roots.” — Don’t Count On It

“…harsh, unforgiving black metal full of surprises. …one of the best black metal releases of the year.” — Metal Delirium

…this album truly blows their previous efforts out of the water. Enough traditionalism to still be the last great banner for Norwegian Black Metal, enough experimentation to allow themselves to swerve towards whatever direction these visionaries see fit in the future.” — Metal Archives

“Noregs Vaapen is stadium black metal. It turns out that coupling Taake’s perfected folk-esque melodies with an enormous, claws-in-the-air back end was an inspired move, and no doubt many are now salivating at the news that Hoest is taking the band on a mammoth European tour to promote the album.” — Lurker’s Path

“The song material on Noregs Vaapen is memorable and adventurous and I’m sure it will find enthrall the TAAKE’s fan base. Great record!” — Alternative Matter