SUNDRIFTER: Everything Is Noise Premieres An Earlier Time From Boston-Based Desert Rock Trio; Album To Drop This Friday On Small Stone Recordings

Photo by Matt Darcy

Everything Is Noise is currently streaming An Earlier Time, the latest studio offering from Boston-based desert rock trio, SUNDRIFTER, in its entirety. The premiere comes in advance of the record’s official release this Friday, February 16th via Small Stone Recordings.

SUNDRIFTER’s sound is bigger and broader on An Earlier Time. With the returning trio of guitarist/vocalist Craig Peura, bassist Paul Gaughran, and drummer Patrick Queenan, SUNDRIFTER calls to mind the expansive atmospheric heavy rock of outfits like Forming The Void or Small Stone veterans Abrahma, but Peura’s vocals cull influence from ’90s alt rock in a way that emphasizes the individual now more than ever.

From the appropriate beginning of “Limitless” onward, the New England three-piece answers the potential of their 2019 sophomore album, Visitations, and their 2016 debut, Not Coming Back, with a collection that is likewise huge and intimate, bringing together expansive atmospheres a la Hum’s heavy post-rock vision with Soundgarden’s unmitigated heavy revelry and melodic command and the contemplative expressivism of Radiohead. The offering features eight songs, each one of them a world to get lost in.

Writes Everything Is Noise, “An Earlier Time is the consummate stoner/heavy rock album, putting great songwriting and progression above raw vibes that you’re likely used to, and yet it still retains those space-bound, head-in-the-clouds vibes you may be looking for as well! SUNDRIFTER have it all and I invite you to see what I see and hear what I hear with their new album.”

Stream SUNDRIFTER’s An Earlier Time exclusively at Everything Is Noise HERE.

Watch SUNDRIFTER’s “Limitless” video HERE.  

An Earlier Time comes complemented by the return of producer/mixer Dan Schwartz, mastering by Chris Goosman, and cover art by Branca Studio, furthering the “complete package” sensibility fostered in no small part by the weighted complexity and breadth of the tracks themselves. It’s not so much heavy rock as is, but as it could be.

An Earlier Time will be released on CD, limited edition LP, and digitally. Find preorders at the official Small Stone Recordings Bandcamp page HERE.

“…a deeply rewarding album that transcends its influences to reach a whole other level of psychedelic joy.” – Distorted Sound

“An Earlier Time is boosted by exquisite production values that allows SUNDRFITER to play a contemporary and modern style of psychedelic rock/metal that moves across multiple areas of the doom, sludge, and stoner rock spectrum that remains thoroughly essential and downright brilliantly original. This is an album we’ll still be talking about before the year is out and being considered one of the most definitive stoner rock albums of the year.” — Outlaws Of The Sun

“From the triumphal chugs and declarative rhythm of opener ‘Limitless,’ the album will make you believe music and just about anything else you want can fly, the band’s songs honing character through atmospheric riffing, and the theatrical, unafraid-to-reach vocals of Craig Peura.” – The Obelisk