SUFFERING HOUR: The Cyclic Reckoning LP From Minnesota Blackened Death Trio Streaming In Its Entirety; Album Sees Release Tomorrow Through Profound Lore Records

photos by Alvino Salcedo

Forest Lake, Minnesota-based SUFFERING HOUR presents their mammoth second album, The Cyclic Reckoning. The entire LP is now streaming in its entirety on the eve of its official release through Profound Lore Records.

At forty-five minutes in length, the five songs captured on The Cyclic Reckoning showcases SUFFERING HOUR firing on all cylinders. The music on this album is more representative of the band’s core sound than on their previous material, with every member making their presence more known than ever. The new record also features the band sacrificing some of their technicality and chaos in favor of more atmospheric passages, as the band envisioned this record to be an unhindered display of negative emotion, seething or sombre. Based around themes of awakening, obsessions, and mental anguish, this is a natural continuation of everything that encompasses the band’s ideas on life, death and beyond. This is SUFFERING HOUR at their most honest and fierce.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by the band themselves, The Cyclic Reckoning features cover artwork by Artem Grigoryev and additional art by Timothy Greico, Lucas Ruggieri, and Cold Poison.

Experience SUFFERING HOUR’s The Cyclic Reckoning in its relentless entirety now at THIS LOCATION.

Profound Lore will release The Cyclic Reckoning on CD, LP, and digital formats this Friday, February 19th. Find physical preorders for EU/UK HERE, physical preorders for North America and the rest of the world HERE, and at Bandcamp HERE.

Amidst the vast critical praise on the album, Heaviest Of Art conducted an in-depth interview on the artwork for The Cyclic Reckoning which is posted HERE.

Watch for additional news on SUFFERING HOUR to be issued over the months ahead.

“There’s no band in death metal quite like SUFFERING HOUR — or in black metal for that matter, because what the Colorado-based black/death trio gets up to on their sophomore album seems to blend elements of both, and somehow neither… SUFFERING HOUR‘s sophomoric stunner reaches full-blown audial apotheosis. 9/10″ – Decibel Magazine

“…be careful before you push that play button… because The Cyclic Reckoning is so disgustingly good, and so disturbingly addictive, that once you start listening to it you may never be able to stop.” – No Clean Singing

“…a terrifying beast that arrives with a new voice – This one inducing madness without such brutal violence. For a largely self-captured and rendered recording it is remarkably polished, clearest in vision, and perhaps so slickly achieved that Suffering Hour almost appear ready for the next stage of their evolution before they’ve even finished this bout of genetic expression. 9.5/10” – Grizzly Butts

“A most highly recommended album to anyone that wishes to hear the beauty possible of being portrayed even on a black/death metal record of such ferocity. 9.3/10” – Metal Bite

SUFFERING HOUR‘s volatile, seemingly cosmic death and black metal is in full force and deeply in apocalyptic hell on The Cycle Reckoning, the record that’s likely to be the introduction for this band to a lot of people. It’s bizarre and bludgeoning, an experience that’s not likely to be mirrored at all by any other band this year, which is just as well because no one can master this trio’s terrain. This thing will fuck you up, so don’t say you weren’t warned.” – Meat Mead Metal